What do you ladies wear your brown bags with?

  1. My dad has a golfing buddy who collects Bbags. She's a great person and I've bought my black and grenat Cities from her. Today she emailed me that she wants to sell her '06 marron and asked me if I'm interested... her price is great, I don't have any concerns about the bag's authenticity and I saw it last week and it was in fantastic condition. The leather is REALLY nice for '06.

    So I'm really tempted, because as you all know, these bags are hugely addictive. But I've never owned a brown handbag before... I'm more of a black person. Can any of you girls with all your gorgeous browns tell me what you wear them with? I just need to get a few ideas before I commit to the bag. :idea:

    I'm very fair with dark hair and usually wear blacks and jewel-tone colours, if that helps.

    I really appreciate your help and any ideas or encouragement you can give me! :yes:
  2. I wear lots of off white, white, khaki, tans and I mainly wear them with those colors but sometimes with olive green or similar greens. I have a harder time matching black than brown because I rarely wear black except for maybe a dress at night, when I travel or in the winter once in a while. The sun is hot down here and when you wear black it's way too hot when that tropical sun hits it. Not thrilled with feeling like I am being roasted alive.:p
  3. I actually think marron looks good with black. It is not an orangey brown - I think that the only colors it really doesn't go with are pastels which it doesn't sound like you wear that much of. I say go for it!
  4. I wear burgundy and khaki with my marron - looks yummy!
  5. I am just like you - I have dark brown hair (almost to black) and my wardrobe is almost entirely black.

    I think wearing black with brown (I have a chocolate) is alright.. I just did it the other day. However, most of the time now I find myself looking for a somewhat brighter color (pink, blue, green) so that the brown can "pop" against it. No matter what color you're wearing, the bag will look fine IMO, because brown is a somewhat more neutral tone than say, turquoise which may be harder to match.
  6. Thanks for all the input. I'm just trying to rearrange my way of thinking so that I could wear brown any time I'd normally wear black. Plus, that would give my poor black City a bit of a well-deserved break.

    I really want to talk myself into this bag...
  7. I actually bought a brown bag so that I could give my black city GH a rest too. I purchased a truffle twiggy so it is a very casual looking bag. I have been wearing it with everything...jeans, black, white, cream, red, khaki green.

    I have been wearing my brown boots (not the exact same color) and it seems to pull it together nicely.

    I DO feel it is more casual than carrying the black city GH.
  8. The browns are so neutral that you could actually wear almost anything with them, depending on the shade. With Marron, wow, the possibilities are virtually endless... Would love to see your Marron when you finally get it!
  9. I'm the opposite of you. I actually wear a lot more brown than black =) I wear my camel first with almost any combination of colors... greens, blues, reds, yellows, whites, tan... I wear a lot of denim, and hardly ever wear black...
  10. I wear my truffle with everything - i wear a lot of all black, and i find that the brown goes really nicely as a contrast:yahoo:
  11. I think I'm going to go for it. I just needed a little encouragement (which I am NOT going to get from my boyfriend, family or friends). :rolleyes:

    If I don't really end up using it, I can almost certainly get back all of what I'm paying.

    Thanks for being such great enablers, everybody! :p
  12. congrats on your marron! the colors i've worn w/ marron so far: pink, rose/mauve, mint, beige, oatmeal, olive, gray, brown, blue, jeans...it's a universally flattering and versatile brown. let us know what you think, and post pics! :yahoo:

    my 06 marron day w/ and w/o flash
  13. i wore them with ANYTHING! it's a very versatile colour! you could wear it with brights or with lights.