what do you ladies use on your pradas and miu miu's to clean and protect

  1. I want to clean a miu miu bag, I would like to protect my coffer as well. what do you all use to clean and protect?
  2. I just bought a Prada from the boutique in Vegas. They use a product called Penguin leather cleaner. I asked the SA where to purchase it and she said ---get ready --- from Wal-Mart! I told her I have some Coach leather cleaner and she said that would also be great to use. She also commented that Cole-Haan had a great leather cleaner. I'm sure many others will have great answers as well. I'm wondering if we should spray a leather weather proofing on it as well? Something used for leather boots and that?
  3. great thread!!!
    i went out over this past weekend and this drunk girl spilled her drink on my arm and on my one day old coffer!!
  4. I found a small white mark on my Coffer and cringed as I dipped a Q-tip in water and dabbed it... and it worked!

    First there was a big blotchy stain from the water. But when it dried, the white mark was gone and no stain!

    Other than that, I'm really scared to put anything on it -- same with my Gauffre. For now, I'll leave them be.