What do you ladies think.......

  1. about the designer lines created for Target ?? Last night I picked up a cute messenger bag by Proenza Schouler for Target, and I also have a very cute Izaac Mizrahi satchel as well as a Rafe bag. You just can't beat the price !!!
  2. I saw some Izaac Mizrahi that were kind of cute. Target has certainly upgraded their handbag lines, but I've resolved to stay away from them because I'd rather save up to buy one or two really good designer bags, than to have a lot of lower-priced but not so thrilling bags.

    I think it's nice that this market exists. We should all have options.
  3. We live in such a shopping-challenged county that we don't have a Target !! Hard to beleive, I know. Where we lived before I always went to Target for reasonably-priced, well-designed things. They have the best designers of any discount store, so I'm sure their new bags are great. For times when a more expensive bag isn't practical, this would be a good choice. The next time I'm near a Target I'm going in to look.
  4. there was this one Isaac bag there I saw a while ago that was really cute.

    Larsue's right, it's good that the market exists.
  5. The Rafe for Target bags are cute. If they're still around, i wouldn't mind having one of those shiny wristlets for evenings out.