What do you ladies think of this new Aram?

  1. At first glance I'm not loving it. Maybe I need to look at it a few more times and try and dismiss the fact it looks like a pair of belted trousers and overly big pockets. No WOW factor for me. Perhaps I'll like the Kooba Fall bags better when I get to see them in real life. I hope so.
  2. It doesn't do a thing for me, personally. The styling looks dated for some reason.

    I must prefer the new Katie or Linda.
  3. Reminds me of a big metal watering can. It's very weird looking and the bottom appears humungous. At this moment I think I can safely say I would never buy that.
  4. Hmmmm......I have to say I reeeallly don't care for it. I know Kooba Metallics and that's really icky. I don't know why they went for such obnoxious shine.
    My favorite is the model in the NM picture....peekaboo!!!
  5. I'd probably consider it if it weren't metallic. Too shiny for that style.
  6. The pockets kind of look like the top edges of the front closure pockets on the Brooke patent bags.
  7. I'm in the minority because I don't think that it's half bad. The pockets sure would be handy, I like the belt and the straps, the stitching around the pockets, it looks like it would probably be easy to get in and out of the bag. What I don't care for is the metallic leather and the fact that it is alittle too large. (listen to me who just bought a 17" wide bag!)
  8. But would I buy it? (shaking my head side to side) No.
  9. I kinda like it. But then I did from the first. Probably not enough to buy it, but I've learned to never say never, especially in the bag world. :graucho:
  10. Isn't that the truth. Never say Never!

    Larke seems to show the most interest in the new bags, though secretly I think she is a notorious "Tryer Oner" like myself. So Larke, you buy them, post pics, give us a review, and then we will decide. We'll just sit back and watch The Fall 2007 Kooba Line float by us in the eyes of Nunnla.:biggrin:
  11. totally agree....too shiny for my tastes.
  12. i'm not too crazy about it, it looks too structured for me and not diggin the belt look!
  13. Not for me. I really want to like these fall Koobas, but so far, I'm not lovin' anything much.
  14. I definitely am a tryer. I liked Hilarie but she was too big, even for me and I lug around everything. Taupe suede Elisha was really gorgeous but after seeing and using Devin, like that style so much better, so Elisha is history and I'm waiting for Devin to arrive. Still not sure on eggplant Dylan yet, it's growing on me, think it will be a keeper. Was thinking about an olive patent in the Arum style but not so sure now. Kylie is definitely a resounding "no". Eden, maybe. Also interested in Layla, Jennifer and Sophia. Waiting for pictures to pop up on store sites to check them out further. Whatever I do buy, I'll definitely post pics for everyone to check them out.