What Do You Ladies Think of This Gucci Large Jockey Hobo??

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    My husband bought me this Gucci Large Jockey Hobo (tan/brown GG logo Fabric with some leather) a few days ago as a gift. The bag was $1295.

    I'm pretty much a big bag person when it comes to my everyday bags. I wanted to use this bag as sort of an everyday bag (I wouldn't literally carry it everyday but it would be an alternative to my LV or Marc Jacobs bag. You need to switch up occasionally).

    I love bags that stand out. I don't prefer bags that are too trendy. I prefer bags that I can keep for years and that are not in season today and out tomorrow. This seems like it could be a pretty classic bag especially since it's a large hobo.

    Is there anyone out there that actually loves this bag (i.e. size, style, design, etc.)? Opinions...opinions...please.

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  2. I love the shape of this bag. And I love Gucci!

    Your husband has great taste! :tup:
  3. I love the style and its still stands out without being just this season.
  4. I love this bag. I've been drooling about it for some time. I love the shape, it holds a ton, has a single shoulder strap which I love, the reinforced/leather corners will help it wear well, and it really is classic. You;ll be able to carry it for years to come.

    Great husband!
  5. I like it. I totally agree with LewLew's comments that it will wear well and it' such a classic shape.
  6. It's beautiful. I would keep it. :tup:

    Your DH has great taste!
  7. First of all I want to thank you wonderful Handbag Experts for all your advice and opinions. Ok so it's a keeper!! Thanks for your help!!

    I have 2 more major questions:

    (1) What type of wallet would you suggest I get for this bag? Should I get a gg fabric Gucci wallet or would that be too much? Should I just get a plain leather wallet (not necessarily Gucci) to throw it off or should I stick with Gucci? If I should stick with Gucci which style should I get? I saw a Gucci wallet the other day. It was the bigger size wallet in the same color and fabric but it had the red and green down the middle. I didn't know if that red and green was too much or just right? Please recommend wallets that would compliment this bag perfectly please. If you have style names or numbers or even pics that would be great!

    (2) I usually carry my LV (monogram canvas) everyday and it seems like no matter what type of print or colors I have on that pattern bag goes with everything. I can dress it up or dress it down. This Gucci bag seems like it's a little more casual and it may not go with as much especially because of its size. BUT can I break the rules and wear it with a lot more than what it probably goes with? Opinions needed on what I can wear this bag with and what I should not wear this bag with.

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  8. I have a Gucci Horsebit Hobo, which is similar, in the ebony/GG canvas, and I carry it with just about everything. I actually love it so much I am lusting over the leather version these days. I wear mine with shorts/capri's out with the kids on weekends, with jeans or sundresses if I need to, with suits to work. I do not wear it with greys....it looks weird to me. And I do not wear it with a super-formal suit that involves a skirt, then I go for a more structured.

    I will have to look into the wallets more, my first thought is to go for a brown leather wallet and not 'overdo' the GG monogram. It would tie in nicely with the leather trim and corners on your bag.
  9. Thanks for the tips LewLew!!
  10. Beauiful bag! Your DH has great taste! I would probably pair it with a lovely red wallet (LV perhaps)!
  11. OOOOH, a red wallet would be gorgeous! Good call sep!:tup:
  12. love it
  13. I loooove this bag. I'm torn between it an a LV bag I've been eyeing. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
  14. I was envisioning a pretty red wallet but I didn't want to mention it because I didn't want anyone to think I was crazy. This just shows that great minds do think alike. Thanks!!
  15. I think red wallets are gorgeous. So this is perfect! Thanks everyone! :heart: