What do you ladies think of this bag?

  1. I just saw this picture on the celeb section and wow Christina is really rocking the bag. :tup:I love the way she carries her Bbags with a special style and i always enjoy looking at her pictures.:yes:
    What do you ladies think of the bag :tup: or :tdown:. It looks awsome in Red.:nuts:
  2. :tup:
    i think it looks awesome! the leather looks amazing, almost RT like... are you thinking about it??
  3. I'm thinking you should totally go for it, this one is on my list as well!
  4. Ah girlie i am thinking about every thing right now and i am getting a headache.:wacko::upsidedown: We always get the motorcycle bags and i thought this one was very unique and different.:tup: I really have to see it in person before i decide any thing. :yes:

    Does any one know the name the of this bag and how much it costs? :smile:
  5. You're so welcome!!! I think it's very cool looking but I wouldn't pay an arm and a leg for it.
  6. I have seen this style at balny. Maybe not that size and shape but that style. Its okay but I thought it was so hard leather wise. Very tough...
  7. That's sort of what I was thinking~ when I think of Bbags I want to have that yummy soft and smooshy leather but it's always good to have variety too.
  8. Nanaz - they have these bags at Neiman Marcus! The red on the photo is not an accurate representation of the color, it's more of a brick red in person.

    The Lune bags are very structured. I think they are extremely sophisticated bags but also heavy and expensive.

    They also have the clutches at Neimans (the Lune Clutch, and the Envelope Clutch in Mastic w/ GGH $945)
  9. and heavy! Tried it on at NM, loved the look, less love for the feel
  10. Is it the Lune Bag? I'm not sure if that's right but I just remembered seeing it in the latest Harper's Bazaar (Australian version). Here's a pic - not sure if you can see it that well. It says:" Balenciaga Lune bag, approximately $3267 AUD"
    Hope that helps!
  11. I think NM carries it.:yes: I might try it just for the heck of it.:p
  12. I agree with ICB, its a VERY heavy bag. Seriously. I remember picking one up and thinking 'wtf?!!!'
  13. Thank you ICB, & Marie.:smile:

    $3000 for that bag,:nuts: no wonder Christina is carrying it and not me.:roflmfao::roflmfao: