What do you ladies think of this bag?

  1. It's not quilted but it is a still a stunning bag... definitely an attention grabber. I don't think I would get a ton of use out of it but if you will that's all that counts.

    Does anyone know if the metallic on the Venetia rubs off over time like it does on the Stam?
  2. i think its pretty, i just wouldn't use it that much...but like melly said if you would thats what counts! would def. bring out an outfit!!
  3. I am not a fan of metallic bags...but if YOU love it, that is all that matters!:yes:
  4. I like it a lot, esp. since metallics are in this season!
  5. ^I agree...I've bought bags that noone really seems to care for but me..It's all in what YOU like...it's all that matters!!
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if the color wears off after time, as metallics in general seem to do that. I like the color combination.
  7. Hey,
    I just wanted to out myself as the owner/seller of that bag. Is it OK for me to do that?

    The bag is not quilted, and so far there has been absolutely no wearing off of the metallic. The leather on this bag is quite different from the Chloe metallic leather, and it never even occurred to me that the color might rub off the way some of the Chloes do. I honestly don't think it will because of the way it's made and the type of leather this is.

    Just one more note: the gold quilted venetia was a bright almost disco-y kind of gold. This gold is a much more neutral, light gold. It's not disco-y at all.

    And btw, I'm only selling it because I am undergoing a MAJOR handbag scale down. This is one the ones that was on my "do I really have to?" list because I love it. But I just have too many metallic bags, and as a consolation prize I am keeping my black venetia. :heart:

    I am SO sorry if I wasn't allowed to post this reply outting myself as the seller and replying to the queries. If this was wrong on me, then just delete this please!
  8. ^ I think it's ok, as you didn't initially make the post. It's indeed very pretty, good luck with your sale. BTW, do you have photos of the MJ tags for reference purposes?
  9. Its cute, althought its definitly not an everyday bag.
    But it will look good throughout this season as Metallics and EVERYWHERE!
    So as far as a wise purchases go and staying on trend this is a good purchase! And a fabulous, classic MJ style.
  10. You know, I don't have the actual MJ tags, just the BG tag and receipt. I've bought several bags from the BG here in NYC and not rec'd the actual MJ tags. I never thought I would be reselling this bag, so I didn't make an issue of it. But now things have changed and I need to sell it.

    I'm hoping that because the bag is so clearly authentic, that won't be an issue for the right buyer. I'm sure it would be an issue for a reseller though. If someone got the bag and had any doubts about it being authentic, I would obviously take it back in a heartbeat, but I am positive that won't happen. :heart:
  11. Oh, and thithi, I just revised the listing to make sure that's clear. It occurred to me after reading your post that people might think I had the MJ hangtag, and I don't want to mislead anyone! So thanks for your question!:heart: