What do you ladies think about these?

  1. I just bought them from Saks a few days ago, but I'm worried that I won't be able to find anything that matches them. I usually wear jeans when I"m out with my friends. TIA!!
  2. Those are cute shoes. I happen to love green. These are more of a springtime style. If you got a great deal, keep em! You're ready early! You shouldnt try to match this shade exactly. go for tops that are maybe darker shades, or white tops with green accents/patterns/stripes that match the shoes. You'll find something, I'm just sure of it :yes:
  3. :biggrin: I figure I can wear them early as I'm in arizona :biggrin:!! Thanks for the tips on what to wear with it!!
    I was wondering if brown tops woudl work?
  4. I think they are cute! Perfect for Spring/Summer dresses.
  5. I think those would go perfect with jeans and anything white...I love the olive green color!
  6. I bought a pair of flats in a similar color a couple of years ago from Anthropoligie. It's amazing how much use I've gotten out of them...mostly with jeans and a white top.
  7. Yes I think brown tops would work. I love green!
  8. Oh yeah, congrats on your new Louboutins!
  9. I was looking at the exact same pair in pink on Saks website but I decided to go w/ Kate spade heels from NM instead. I love them. You can wear them w/ jeans or skirts as well. It's a great buy. Congrats!
  10. i love brightly colored shoes and bags because they usually go with SO MUCH more than the regular black and tan standbys. they're gorgeous, i say keep them and where them with everything - you'll be surprised by how much use you get out of them. don't worry about whether or not the outfit has green in it, i find that my teal balenciaga bag works best in outfits with no other blue.
  11. :biggrin: Thanks so much!! Was worried about the color as I had originally planned on getting the pink ones!