What do you ladies think about the WORK

  1. Hi...I have recently been looking at the work a lot...and was just wondering how you ladies feel about it....can you fit it on your shoulder....an I hear it holds a lot of stuff!:yes:
  2. i LOVE the work! i love how clean and simple it is!
    don't get me wrong, i do love my cities and their extended zippers (floppy ears) out both sides, the long tassels flying everywhere, and the shoulder strap... (even though i don't use it often) it's casual and fun. but it's nice to have the option to switch to the work style, which has only one zipper pull without the floppy ears out the sides, and clean lines. it's still casual, but somehow maintains a more professional, composed feel to it. :smile: it does fit comfortably on my shoulder, but probably because i'm kind of smallish. i think it looks GREAT on the crook of the arm, though, anyway. roomy, great for weekends, work, school, and as a carry-on.
    only issue is, most moms feel it should have come with a shoulder strap. although i like that it stays clean without the strap, i can understand how moms would need their hands free to take care of their little ones... actually, i wish it came with and without shoulder straps...
  3. YESS thank you, you answered all my questions...I was wondering if it would be a good carry-on too..thanks soo much!!
  4. The Work has become my all-time favorite Balenciaga style!!!!

    It's roomy without being too big and looking like luggage (one of my pet peeves about larger bags). It's style and practicality all rolled into one! I have smallish-medium size arms and can wear a brand-new (unstretched out) Work bag over my shoulder, but only without a jacket on. Eventually the handles will stretch to the point where you can wear it comfortably on your shoulder, even with a light jacket on.

    I love being able to take mine to work and fit a laptop, magazine, files, and a sweater in the bag easily. It still looks great even when it's stuffed full. When there's less stuff in it, it looks slouchy and cool.

    I LOVE the Work! I have a black one and a dolma one. Someday, after I get my Violet Work, I hope to own a red one, too!
  5. I also love the work! Have a black and sapin (selling my sapin) and use it everyday! I can fit it on my shoulder, and it looks really slouchy that way. Love the way it collapses all over my stuff when I set it down, all that leather! I carry too many things to use a city everyday, save those for night and weekends!
  6. The Work is the BEST style for me. I have gone through Citys, Days, Purses and Twiggies. The Work really suits my lifestyle. I can fit it over my shoulder no worries (I'm not stick thin either!) It's big enough for me to use as an everyday bag or as an overnighter. It's absolutely fabulous as carry-on luggage for flights.
  7. I LOVE the work, it's just way too big for me.
  8. Love the work - I have two Truffle and French Blue. I tried the city but it is just too small for me! The work fits perfectly over my shoulder - and I am not a tiny person either. It takes a couple of weeks to get the handle strectehd out nicely:smile:
  9. ahhh i've been lusting after a work lately!! :drool: I have a city and it does not accomodate all the crap I need to bring along with me to work...hence, why I may need a work!! :upsidedown: :choochoo:
  10. I find the work to be HUGE. I think I'm just finicky though. I also personally find the first weirdly large considering it's supposed to be such a small bag. I love the city - it's roomy but not overwhelming. Of course...I've been pining after a weekender too....so I think I'm just crazy.
  11. I'm gearing up to get my 2nd Balenciaga and it's almost certainly going to be a Work. I've been stalking one for years. I'm trying to find one on eBay but I'm not sure what color I want yet. I missed a great price on a Calcaire Work last week and I'm kicking myself!
  12. What do I think about the WORK?

    I think I NEED one!!:yes: :yes: :yes:
  13. Thanks sooo much ladies...so you guys are saying the handle actually stretches over time?!?
  14. I LOVE Work! It's my favorite style ever to come out of Balenciaga. It's perfect for work, shopping....well, anything! I tend to carry a lot of stuff with me and everything fits into my Work no problem....and it's the lightest big leather bag you can find. LOVE IT!

    The handles fit over my shoulder even with a thick coat on(I'm 5'3", 98lbs)and they do stretch over time just like handles on City or all the other bags. When you break it in, it's so slouchy and cool.....I'm totally in love!

    To answer your other question, if you don't carry a lot of stuff with you when you travel, it could definitely be a carry-on. But I personally carry WE as a carry-on, and First as my hand bag, and my WE gets stuffed to the rim! So it just depends on how much stuff you carry.

    I have Black and Cafe Work rignt now and Grenat is on its way!

    My advice? GET WORK!!!!!!!!!!!