What do you ladies do with your bags after the Patina turns very dark?

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  1. Just curious, do you ladies keep the bag after the Patina turns pretty dark or sell it on ebay. Do you buy the style again just to get a lighter Patina?

    I have a Tivoli GM and have had her for 3 years. Even though I haven't worn her too much, her patina is already quite dark!! I'm very sad because I like it in honey color but now that it's dark, i want to sell it. But not sure if should because if I sold her, I like the bag enough that I would buy another one.

    Do you ladies ever sell your bag because of Patina, and then spend the $$$ to buy the exact same bag again? Ummm......
  2. I know alot of us have different definitions of "Dark" maybe if you post pics perhaps?
    I have a Tivoli PM and love her to pieces :smile: so i know what you mean.
    Maybe you can try the Lovin My Bags products to clean her up a bit maybe?
    May e some of the darkness maybe dirt?
    If you love the bag and its still pretty good. Id wear it out till i needed a new one. :smile:
  3. Dark patina is still okay for me, as long as it doesnt look almost black-ish or dirty looking...
    If i really love the design/ style of the bag, i would either buy a new one of the same style or have the vachetta replaced/ repaired at LV store
  4. When my speedy handles got super dark I replaced them. They looked really bad, so I decided that was the best thing to do. But I don't mind dark vachetta, unless it looks dirty like my speedy did.
  5. My bag looks like this. In real life it's slightly lighter due to lighting. I live in HK so the humidity doesn't help with Patina process or the sweaty hands!! I really like this bag. Dunno if I should get another one!!!! It feels like such a waste. I heard that getting lv to replace the vachette is pretty expensive.

  6. You can buy Login My Bags product to clean up the handles, but I think it looks beautiful.
  7. The patina of your bag is still nice :smile:
  8. I mean Lovin My Bags. Darn spellcheck! Ugh.
  9. how much did it cost to replace them?
  10. Oh ok! I will give that a shot. I tried the mr.Clean + Apple conditioner on part of the Vachette and it did nothing but dry it up. So I will give this a shot!


  11. I paid £70 last year, but that was just the handles and I left the rest. I thought that the handles would eventually catch up with the rest of the vachetta. The patina is still not even but I don't mind, it doesn't look too weird.
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    Personally, I like how it looks. But if you don't, sell it and get a new one.There is a lot of leather on the Tivoli GM so it would probably cost enough to make it worth going new. I'd rather keep that bag for rougher weather and buy a new bag.
  13. I like the way the Patina looks, but to clean up vachetta I would just try a product, as opposed to selling the bag or repairing just yet.
  14. I really like the patina. IMO it looks gorgeous. May be you can just clean the handles and it will look great.
  15. Hmm, I think a dark patina is gorgeous on Monogram. You can always get the leather replaced instead of buying a whole new bag! Good luck! =)