What do you ladies do for a living?

  1. Amanda, has there been a similiar thread? If so, my apologies and feel free to delete.

    I just accepted an offer today as the marketing director of an architecture firm here in Chicago. Whee!

    What do you ladies do? The Hermes girls found an extraordinary amount of lawyers within their forum. I wonder if we'll see any trends.
  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I can't believe you're a marketing director at 22, that is AWESOME!! I think you should reward yourself with a little somethin' somethin'... :graucho:

    I'm in private wealth management in LA.
  3. View from my office. I've spent many hours just gazing outside. If you look very closely, the small white thing in the very center is the Hollywood sign.

  4. Nice view you got there^^^

    I am a stay at home mom to my almost 2 year old son.:yes:
    My husband is the $$$ maker lol.
  5. I wish I had a view like that!! I work in the accounting dept. for the water utility company here in central NY..Then I go home and do all the paperwork for my husband's business (auto body repair)..VERY busy all the time..My whole life is about numbers...probably a good thing b/c I'm constantly scheming on how to afford my next bag w/o scavenging from my savings..typical..
  6. I am also a domestic engineer, and dh is the one who is working hard to support my hobbiesss!:love: Long ago, I worked as a social worker in a convalescent hospital. It was a very depressing place, so I quitted. But again, maybe that's when I was young and inexperienced...who knows...maybe I will go back to my career when my girls grow a bit older! I miss my paychecks, and those days that I spent without feeling the guilt!:wlae:
  7. i have two jobs--i am a doctor(specializing in psychiatry--i treat traumatized war veterans) by day and a jewelry store employee and aspiring jewelry designer by night. i befriended my jeweler and then he asked me to help out for him one holiday season, the rest is history. i have designed a couple of things for his customers and for myself as well. one day, i will leave medicine and maybe do jewelry designing fulltime, we'll see....
  8. I work for the Department of Justice in Washington DC. I work for the Security and Emergency Planning Staff.
  9. I have an accounting job. I work as contractor.
  10. Mick... you like to design jewelry...? thats so cool... i love designing metal jewelry too. i took a metal arts class in college and made several different metal jewelry pieces. wish i could do it for a living. not only jewelry making but metal arts in general....
    anyways, as for now, i am a computer engineer :yucky: pretty boring......
  11. I am a 7th grade science teacher!
  12. lawyer
  13. How I miss LA :sad:

    even though im down every weekend haha!
    Ill be there for 3 months this summer, specifically the westwood area...cannot wait...robertson blvd and BH is a hop skip away...AHHH

  14. i'm an MD-to-be.
    i graduate this may from med school. can't wait!!!!

  15. wow, sorry to sound nosey, but how did you become a DIRECTOR at age 22...child prodigy? haha

    congrats non the less