What do you know about Kate Landry bags?

  1. I saw some at Dillards yesterday, they were were quite lovely, nicely made and good leather. Prices couldn't be beat either.

    Anyone have one or familar with them? Are they worth a 2d look?
  2. I have only seen them at Dillards too, but they do look nice. I wanted one of the quilted wallets.
  3. I have one of her spring bags from last year- a little baskety thing- kinda cute, I got it on clearance at Dillard's for 10 bucks- you CANNOT say no to a handbag for $10 !!! I like it, it's a little on the small side tho
  4. Cute bags although she has Marc Jacobs look-a-likes....:push:
  5. Nice bags, and very much inspired.
  6. Kate Landry is made for Dillard's by another manufacturer.
  7. They are very nice and well made.
  8. I purchased a Kate Landry bag (tan leather with patent trim in black and beige) from Dillard's in March for $150 ++. Anyway, I've carried it about 15 times since then and the glue on the straps is already pulling away and the leather is discoloring (yes, discoloring leather) on the back of the bag (the part that rests against my body). The inside pockets are coming loose. I am SOOOOO DISAPPOINTED!

    So, I get on line and google b/c I was going to contact "Kate Landry" and see what they could do or would do (like fix my bag b/c I love it) and low and behold, I find nothing... absolutely nothing! I'm so sad and to be quite honest, I'm furious!

    My recommendation to you ladies that like me thought it was a fab bag... RUN, FAST... far and away from this bag and this line.

    Wishing you luck!
  9. I have a couple of these bags and a couple wallets. One of the wallets I use all the time because it's really a neat wallet, the other is just eh and I'll probably be donating it soon.

    One of the bags is okay, red patent and I was never really happy with it and didn't use it all that much. I ended up giving it to my mother and she enjoys it now. The other is this straw with leather trim. The straw part already has a hole in it and coming apart. I found a pin to put on that part to cover it. I have to say I'm not overall impressed with the brand. It just seems subpar in quality, especially for the price. I've gotten better things at Target that's lasted longer, I kid you not. Maybe the stuff is getting better but from what I've seen of it, I'd pass.

    The wallets are cute though so I do recommend those.
  10. they are cheap for a reason, they fall apart. I'd stay away.
  11. omg i adore kate landry purses i have 2!!!!!!! i actually just bought 1 2day!!!!!!! She is chic, fun, and perfect!!!!:yahoo:
  12. hi. I have several Kate Landry purses. And I love all of them. I have them in different designs and colors. I got them cheap, too at Dillard's. I usually wait until they're 75% off...I got lots of compliments.
  13. Actually I m not a fan but I have her bags too and I get a lot of compliments as well, so far Im liking it , and depending on the style you will be choosing, the bag I got is really worth it , I used it most of the times to put everything so far its still in good condition and still good looking....