what do you know about heavy metal?

  1. i have some questions about the hardware on hermes bags.
    gold hardware is plated, but what is underneath?

    as the gold ages, does it rub off? has anyone ever had theirs redipped for a new coat, or is that not the process? or can it not be done?

    and palladium, is that plated or a solid metal? how does that age?
  2. I've had the gold come off the feet of a bag, and it looks like brass underneath. I read somewhere that their older fixtures were made in solid brass. I asked about getting the feet replated and the answer was it may not be worth it because they would have to take apart the bag to remove the feet and sew it back together when they are reattached. Now the hardware on the straps can be removed and replated. I believe it will be sent to Paris and can cost several hundred dollars to get done and take several months to get back to you. An SA advised me to get it done if you really love the bag, otherwise it may not be worth it. What they will not do is change the hardware from gold to palladium or vice versa.

    I don't own too much palladium so someone else will have the answer that question.
  3. ^^ They will change hw from gold to palladium on SOME bags, but not on a Birkin or Kelly. But they will not change any interior hw (zipper pulls) I had it quoted on a Trim bag and it was $500 to change from gold to palladium, per Claude.
    I didn't do it, since I'd never want a bag with palladium extrior hw and gold interior HW.
  4. i think your sa was right, hermesgroupie, about it not being worth it for the feet, because also, it will just come off again, unless you carry a velvet pillow around to place your bag down on. :upsidedown:

    about how long does the gold-plate last before it starts to wear off on the straps, do you think? if it's brass underneath, that wouldn't bother me at all actually. and to be apart for so long... :crybaby:
  5. Geez, I can't give you an exact figure, but it took a while, we're talking years before it wore off on the feet. The hardware on the straps still looks good, though.
  6. :censor: i wanted days, hours... minutes!

    sounds pretty durable then. :yes:
  7. what about gold hardware on wallets does that rub off too.
  8. i guess it must. but i have a gold post on my bottega veneta wallet that hasn't worn off or discolored at all and it's seen nearly 4 years of daily use.
  9. I can tell you my Kelly is at least 10 years old. The gold is still great on pretty much everything. The one part that may seem to be changing a little is the lock believe it or not. My SA said that is an easy one of course...just get a new lock and new keys. My feet and everything else is just fine. No discoloration/wear yet.