What do you keep your makeup in?

  1. Since my Nail polish casualty...I know I need to put my makeup in something. I do have a Bare escentuals expandable organizer. But it doesn't always fit in my smaller purses! So what do you keep your makeup in when it's in your purse??
  2. medium COACH signature wristlet.
  3. I have a signature wristlet...an older one in the teal color. It fits my lipglosses-since that is my other addiction!! I use this older piece just so I don't feel bad if it gets stained.

    I also am a BE addict!! I have yet to find something that fits my escentuals in, let me know if you come up with something!!
  4. A wristlet most of the time.
  5. I KNEW I liked you!!! Hahahahaha!!! :lol:

    Expandable Organizer by BE for the larger purses! :yes:
  6. I usually use a wristlet or my signature stripe makeup case.
  7. I don't carry makeup with me but I do put my chapstick, eye drops, etc in a wrislet :tup: I just put my lipgloss in the pocket in the bag.
  8. definitely a wristlet. i am a little paranoid about my lipgloss leaking so i keep that in a bag too or i will store it elsewhere...
  9. THANKS!!


    That's another thing my hubby thinks is hysterical...my train case filled with only BE!!
  10. ooooooooo I must check out the Expandable Organizer! Im also a BE addict, as well as a lip gloss fiend, and cant find anything to fit my BE nicely in my purse, right now I just use a lil zippered Dooney and Bourke bag for my glosses. I was hoping the Coach Ergo Beauty Case would fit my goodies!
  11. I only carry my lipstick and a compact in my purse. I just put them both in the inside zipper pocket. My lip gloss stays at home. I've read too many horror stories on TPFer about lipgloss and bags...:push:
  12. large signature stripe beauty case
  13. I put my cosmetics and other small stuff (hand sanitizer etc) in my new Madison lurex turnlock wristlet. It's HUGE!
  14. Ok...add me to the list of addicted to BE also...I have a train case filled with nothing but BareEscentuals makeup in it too. Once I discovered how great their products are, I threw away all my other makeup and fully stocked up on nothing but BE!!! I don't like to carry their makeup with me though, because I hate when the powder comes out of the sifter and gets all over the lid. You can never get the powder back into the container.
    Drives me C R A Z Y ! ! !
  15. I have a small amount of makeup that I carry in a lesportsac make up case. It was 3.99 at Marshalls and if it gets messed up I won't really care.. but it is cute too..