What do you keep your makeup in?

  1. For the longest time I was keeping my makeup in a prada cosmetics case, however, in the last few months I've outgrown that and have since put everything into a terrycloth Bliss zip around train case.

    I'd like something else that is more organized so when I go to put my makeup on I can actually see what I have instead of everything being all jumbled around inside a bag. Half the time I end up using what's on top of the bag only and forget about all the other great products that I have...

    Does anyone have any good suggestions for other ways to store your makeup?
  2. I'm a makeup artist and my kit, as well as my own personal makeup, is in train cases that have several layers and compartments.
  3. I use a MUJI clear acrylic box case with 5 small drawers. -it's starting to be too small- but basically 1 drawer for eyes shadow, 1 for compact powders, 1 for lipsticks, 1 for pencils/liners and mascara and one for brushes and hair clips. It's elegant, minimal and clear so you see the nice products in there !
  4. I love this! Where did you get it????
  5. I got it at MUJI -japanese chain of shops- check their website to see if there is one in your area.
  6. I store mine in a Coach cosmetic bag.
  7. mellecyn - i love muji, we have a store in leeds and its great!

    i keep my make-up in a Benefit make up bag, it's cute!
  8. I separate my makeup into categories (e.g., eyeshadows, lipgloss) then put them into clear bags. Then everything goes into a large Estee Lauder makeup case.
  9. I have mine in a Caboodles train case that I got from Target.
  10. I have 3 cosmetic bags...Coach, Prada and LV. When I was with BF I had one at his place with a duplicate set of makeup, but now I have all 3 here and I put the most common makeup I use in one and then other items in the other 2.
  11. I admire those of you who keep all your make up organized, mine is a jumble of everything. I do like my case though, at least if has a removable tray that helps keep things separated a little. I always try to keep my brushes on top.

  12. This is much more organized then mine is. I like this case, where did you purchase it?
  13. ellacoach, that's the best part, I got it at Marshall's for about $15!
  14. I keep mine all organized in a drawer in my desk!
  15. I bought this case at Sephora and love it!