What do you keep your coins in?

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  1. Just curious: do you keep your coins in your wallet, something else ie a clés or wherever? Personally i mostly use change at work so i tend to keep it in my desk drawer. If i do use coins elsewhere i get annoyed as they bulk up my wallet
  2. I keep mine in a cles.
  3. I keep them in my car to pay for parking. I do not carry them with me as I use credit cards 99% of the time :smile:
  4. I put it in my coat pocket or jeans pocket until I get into my car, then I put it in a cup I have in my cup holder that is there just to hold my change.

    If I am wearing clothing with no pockets, I'll put it in my cosmetic bag, then put it in the cup in my car.

    I also have a little ceramic dish on my dresser that holds change.

    I never keep change on me.
  5. I have the round LV coin purse. Love it!
  6. In my wallet which is designed to hold coins. I don't use my cles (waste of money IMO) I hate having to fight with the chain to get my coins and I hate the chain dangling about. Well it is designed to hold keys not coins I guess. Plus I really hate having to open two seperate slg's to pay for something.
  7. Wow! You really hate a lot of things. ;)
  8. I use my LV coin purse.
  9. The zipper coin area of my Sarah wallet(s).
  10. I have a tiny cosmetic lip gloss pouch for now, but I sure would love to get a LV coin purse ;)
  11. I use an Insolite CP for my wallet which has THE perfect coin purse. I dislike when a coin part doesn't open wide enough, and the ICP opens up very side, so I love it :smile:
  12. All of my LV wallets have coin compartments, and I use them.
  13. I am making a trip to Las Vegas soon and want someone from LV as a souvenir. I was thinking of the cles. I understand where you are coming from. I've heard the cles is the best selling item at LV. However, I don't really think I would use it.
  14. I thought the same thing until I bought one..
    I love it and use it all the time.
    I used it today to run to the store for milk. Put a $20 my drivers license and I was out the door. I go to Vegas a lot and when we are going to go gamble for a bit I put my ID and money in it and clip it to my belt loop and put it in my front pocket.
    Casinos are so smoky I don't want my bags to smell so I leave them in the room and take my little Cles.. :graucho:
  15. In the coin pocket of my wallet of course. Isn't that what it's for?