What do you keep in your cles?

  1. I don't want to stretch out my brand new cles, but I figure it's going to be most useful as a coin purse.

    I suppose I could use it to put credit cards in, but that's what my wallet is for.

    What do you keep in your cles? If you have pics it would be even better :roflmfao:
  2. I'll post some pics in a bit...but I keep some coins for the parking meter, and an id card and credit card, and I put my keys on it! I love it!
  3. I actually use it in place of a wallet, to put all my money and cards in. I have a perfo cles, so it's a little bigger than a regular cles.
  4. my friend keeps: credit/debit cards, dollar bills and some loose change
  5. here are my pics:smile: ...I included my gucci one, that I rotate along with my vernis framboise...I use the gucci one more for change and bills...enjoy!! :smile:
    DSC04010.JPG DSC04013.JPG DSC04014.JPG DSC04015.JPG
  6. i keep gum in mine :smile:
  7. I have my keys attached to the clip. I keep coins, receipts, and coupons in the pouch.
  8. Right now I have chapstick in mine, but when I go back to work I'm also going to have my work keys in it.
  9. Hmm. I never thought about using it as a keychain as well. Great idea!
  10. I keep it attached to my keys, and I keep my drivers license, a credit card, a $20 bill, some business cards, and my office electronic access card in it. It has all the essentials convenient and accessible, and it's great for quick runs to the store.
  11. i think my mono cles will arrive sometime next week or the week after... I plan to take my car keys off its current lanyard and put them on the mono cles - inside the cles i'm going to keep some money just in case for parking :wlae:
  12. I have change and bills inside my MC cles and cards inside my mono one ! :yes:
  13. Depending on what I need to use the cles for, I'll put in receipts, credit cards, ID, sometimes change, tokens. I've never used it for keys, I don't want to scratch the metal.
  14. I have my driver's lisence, apartment gate keycard, Visa card, Chevron/Texaco card, and some cash. :smile: Basically everything I really need, in the event I want to run out without my purse.
  15. Round Cerises case- loose change
    Cerises cles- extra cards I don't need all the time.
    White MC- house keys
    Marshallow 4 key holder- car keys

    and my mom keeps her extra credit cards in her old monogram one.