what do you keep in your caramellas?

  1. i just recently got a paradiso caramella. i didn't realize how big it is. what you keep in yours? i would use it as a makeup bag or a pencil case, but i don't want to get the inside dirty...what should i do?:confused1: :shrugs:
  2. I say use it for what you want and just be cautious. You could put a baggy inside of the bag to hold the messier things. I've been using mine as a makeup bag for use in my bigger toki bags. You could also hook the handle from a porto to it and it becomes a wristlet! It will hold a wallet & cell phone!
  3. Is it really that big? I was kind of thinking it must be if it fit all the characters I requested...I think when I get mine I'll probably put all my jewelry, mirror, lip gloss & misc stuff in there haha...
  4. Yeah, it's not much smaller than the dolce!
  5. ahhh, i guess i will just have to see haha. either way i should be A-OK lol.
  6. I :heart: caramella's! One of my favorite items because I know that I'll use them 10yrs from now. I use mine for my makeup. I've used two at once with my bigger bags. When I do that I usually put my ipod and random things that I dont want floating around in my purse.
  7. Yeah, I have a citta rosa one. At first I decided to return it because I thought it was too big and didn't know what on earth I'd use it for. Then I didn't get around to returning it....and started using it and now I really like it. I don't have a great print in it...but its the fav characters....the dogs, scooter monkey, mozzarella.
  8. I have one it Pirata---it holds a Sephora mirror, face blotting paper, mints, aspirin, a flash drive, pen, Leatherman Micra, Rosebud salve. Basically the stuff I need to move from purse to purse when I change my purse. I didn't want to use it as a makeup bag cause I didn't want to get it dirty inside. I use a regular lesportsac makeup bag for that (in the Alice in Wonderland print, though not Toki, is still cute!).
  9. Ive never got one because I felt like just a lil bit more money, I can get a purse. If I ever find one onsale, I would surely get one!
  10. I have one in just about every single print. The only one I'm missing is the orginal print caramella. I use my caramella inside my purse to hold my makeup. It's just perfect. I use my caramellina to hold coupons!! :idea: They are among my favorite toki items!! :love:
  11. I use it in my purse to carry makeup :biggrin:
  12. ahhhhh, mine will probably come on monday :sad: i want it now! lolz.
  13. annie b: glad you didn't return it. that's a good idea, but i don't have a portatelefono. maybe more reason to get one.

    stwest2lips: i actually got it at the south hampton outlet for $51.00. i had to pay for shipping and actually got a matching campeggio. so it wasn't too bad.

    Jes: hope it comes soon...and you :heart: it just as much as i do!
  14. yeah, someone mentioned loving having all the little bags in different prints in their big bags that way they alway have a asst. of toki prints with them...I loved that thought which is why I bought a carmellina and a caramella....and its fun having them in my bag! Now I just wish I had them as well in my more fav. prints! I guess that will be down the road...
  15. mel -- oh yes, i absolutely will love it...HURRY! lolz.