What do you hold your makeup in at home?

  1. I have a thing from bed,bath and beyond, and a basket next to it, but i'm running out of room....i don't like baskets too much because I'd like to see what I have....

    any recc's on what to use?

    TIA ;)
  2. my makeup table is an antique commode. it has a top drawer and a cabinet under the drawer.
    in the drawer i put a silverware organizer. so all of my makeup is section in that.
  3. Have you tried makeup train case?
  4. I have so much make up I use 2 huge MAC makeup train cases. I love how i can keep my eyeshadows lined up in the top sections so they don't break
  5. Good idea!
    Where do you keep you train cases? I wish I had more counterspace.
    I love being able to see and access everything.
  6. I went to Canadian Tire and spent $9.99. It's a metal frame with 33 plastic drawers in it of assorted sizes, intended to sort nails and screws - and perfect for sorting makeup.
  7. I had mine in a Prada makeup bag, but I could never find anything or remember what I had. So I went to Target and bought one of those clear, lucite trays that has the different sections and I love it! I can see everything which enables me to use more of it!
  8. I have a drawer full in my bathroom.
  9. I have a 4 drawer chest from Ikea.....Sadly, 3 of the drawers are full.
  10. I have three plastic containers that I keep in 1 drawer. 1 has all my eye stuff, 1 has all my lip stuff and the last one has miscellaneous items. I used to keep them all in 1 box but I had to dig just to find stuff.
  11. I have make-up cases with velcro that I stick on to each jar, tube, etc. and fasten to the case. They have been amazing for my make-up and everything is organized perfectly. I can move things from room to room and throw the case into a tote in seconds. Pretty great and I highly recommend them. I used to use plastic containers but everything would mix in and my Chanel compacts would scratch up.

  12. I have this wicker desk with matching stool from my grandmother's Fla. house. It has two drawers but I found that I was leaving my most-used stuff on the desk top (I put a piece of glass over it) and it was always an unholy mess. Recently I was in Target and bought a couple of wicker baskets and a large wicker tray that is divided into four sections. It's perfect!
  13. that is SUCH a good idea!!! It just sucks that it doesn't hold that much makeup... if only there was something like this that was like a makeup zipup binder with velcro pages - I would LOVE that!

    I have a train case because i thought it'd be perfect to organize makeup but I actually don't like using it! I ended up taking it all out and then separating my make up into different make up bags (everyday,lips, eyeshadow, mascara, face, etc.)
  14. I use a train case. It works great for me. I have my make-up, straightener, and lighted make-up mirror right next to my computer. We only have one bathroom and it just doesn't work with three people in there trying to get ready in the morning.
  15. I use my bathroom drawer to put my makeup items.