What do you have planned for your next purchase?

  1. Amanda, please feel free to delete if there is another similiar thread hanging around!

    I just bought a beige Grand Shopper... and am already planning my next purchase. Perhaps I'm subconsciously motivated more than I think I am by the Feb. 1st price increase! I am not lusting after anything in particular however, and am looking for inspiration!

    What are you ladies planning to acquire next?
  2. All the talk of the reissue is making me think I MUST have:choochoo: We'll see.
  3. Maybe a pearl necklace..
  4. im saving for an east west bag in purple
  5. I'll buy a grey or black reissue but itÄs more likely to be the grey. This will be my first Chanel bag as it's the only bag I really like.
  6. I'm really wanting the MC Flap in White. But I know I shouldn't b/c white bags are not good for me and I already have the black version...but its oh so PRETTY! ahhh!

    I'm waiting out for a soft, butter yellow classic flap.
  7. classic tote :idea:
  8. congrats -- lets see pics
  9. reissue, not sure what colour yet.
  10. I posted a pic in another thread about whether we prefer silver or gold hardware... but here it is again:

    chanel grand shopper.jpg
  11. Black 2.55
  12. Saving up for the red luxe bowler. :heart:
  13. i really want a black reissue with silver hardware or a black caviar jumbo with silver hardware...not sure which one yet.
  14. IntlSet, do you have a pic of you modelling your new grand shopper? I am looking for a non black tote style. So thats probably what I am going to get next.
  15. Another petite shopper or a GST.

    -Leamington :heart: