What do you have on Pre-Order?

  1. Hmm, lets see...

    *Leopard Rolando
    *Suede Rolando
    *Satin Rolando
    *CL Blk Patent, silver heel pump (style name?)
    *Anthracite Bling Bling
    *Sequin Very Prive
    *Burma Very Prive
    *Saffron Lady Gres

    Oh my...Have I lost my mind?! I know I'll have to return some once they arrive.

    I wanna know what you gals have on pre-order...we might as well anticipate as a community! :p
  2. CL Burma Very Prive (supposed to arrive today!) :yahoo:So much for my shoe ban. I pre-ordered thinking they wouldn't arrive until Oct.

    CL Very Prive in nude patent from Saks.com due to arrive in Oct.

    CL Very Prive in black patent with red tip from nm.com due to arrive in Oct.

    Can you tell what my favorite shoe is? :graucho:
  3. Nothing! And it's really boring! :sad:
  4. Nothing yet.
  5. are you talking about the CL Som1 Patent Leather pump??

    Please post pics when they arrive!!! I would love to see them:nuts:

    If you don't mind me asking, how many pairs of CLs do you own!!??!:wtf:
  6. ^^^I have those, the SOM1. I got mine from Neiman's a couple of weeks ago.

    I have the Mad Mary in gray suede and ivory patent on pre-order and the red patent very prive as well. I'm getting some prive slingback next week, but I don't know what the heck it looks like as I haven't seen pics of it and haven't been able to find it anywhere!
  7. I know many ladies here have a gorgeously large collection. Me, I just recently started mine earlier this year! So, I'm a rookie. At the moment I have about 13 pairs in my posession (though, some will be going back).

    Sure, I'll post photos once they arrive.

    I didn't get the Som1, rather these: (anyone know it's name?)
    CL Platform Patent Pumps 610.jpg
  8. Those are the "DelcolZep" -- comes in black patent w/ silver platform, orange patent w/ silver platform, purple patent w/ silver platform, etc. Sort of reminds me of the Gucci Jerry patent platform pump for fall 2006 (except one is a demi-round toe and the other a pointed toe).
  9. Found a pic just now on eBay of the ones I'm getting next week in the mail!
    CL Blue Karey Prive.jpg
  10. ^^ Oh my...Ashakes, Please post pics when they arrive!

    I think I purchased these as well. My SA sent me a pic via phone (which isn't the best quality) and, though, I couldn't quite see the looks of the shoe, I fell in love as my SA was describing them.

    I sure hope they turn out to be as great as I'm anticipating them to be!

    Btw, Congrats on your own purchase!
  11. ^^^That's what happened to me. She kept on trying to describe them and I was like just send them b/c they sound cute and then they popped up on eBay last night and I was salivating. LOL

    I think they will go with a ton of things, including a couple of navy blue dresses I have. I can't wait for them to come this week. :smile:
  12. Hey Butterfly...I like these, where did you get them from? Saks??? It looks like a Saks stock photo so that's why I ask. haha

    My NM I operate out of didn't have them, but I am about to have her hunt them down or at least see if they even picked them up. But, I find the decolletes to be the least comfy out of all the CLs I have, but they make your legs look amazing. It's a trade off. lmao The SOM1 I have are def. comfy so I guess I should prob. keep those, but a girl can look can't she? :rolleyes:

    Also, what color did you end up pre-ordering in the Sequin Prive? I thought you had decided on the nude, but I can't remember. I can't wait until your pre-orders come in! I'm excited for pics. :graucho:

    I pre-ordered the red patent Prive and I was telling the CS rep, "seriously they won't come in until October right?" And, she was confused b/c most people want their pre-orders ASAP. And, I had to tell her that my AMEX would thank her if they didn't come in until October. She had a good laugh. :nogood:
  13. here are mine, all CL of course:graucho:

    Simple Pump
    black python
    purple python

    white/black python

    Bling Bling
    bronze specchio

    Legionana Flat
    nude patent/gros grain trim and ribbon

    Mad Mary
    cream patent/gold studs

    Very Privé Strass
    beige suede

    blue suede (electric blue)

    turquoise patent/silver specchio

    Pivoine 120
    pink crepe satin/ pink,grey satin ribbon

    beige patent, beige cuoio heel, platform
  14. :wtf: haha great list.

    Question, where did you pre-order the turquoise patent decollete from? Me want...I'm a sucker for turquoise. LOL
  15. ashakes,

    i am getting them from a shop in Kuwait
    can pm you details if you like :smile: