What do you have for dinner when no one else is around?

  1. My husband will not be around to have dinner with me tonight- this is quite rare.

    I'm going to have some spinach and artichoke dip and bread and cheese. :drool: My idea of a perfect meal, but wouldn't be enough food for DH.
  2. Goodness, I love it on the very rare occasion that my husband isn't home for dinner either. My favorite meal is a peanut butter sandwich with a diet coke and a piece of fruit. Either that or a grilled cheese sandiwch. I know this sounds crazy, but it's true. I normally cook well-balanced meals with meat, veggies, etc., but my dream meal is a simple, every-day sandwich.
  3. If left to my own devices, I usually end up with something microwaved and/or cookies and ice cream. I love to cook, but I just can't motivate myself to do it if no one else is around.
  4. Mac and Cheese or Cereal....sometimes both. And of course Diet Dr. Pepper.
  5. Peanut butter sammy
  6. Sandwich and chips.
  7. Bread with butter and wine works for me! Maybe even some hummus or spinach dip. Then there's always cereal;)
  8. Peanut butter sandwich or cheese bread if I have any. I eat alot less when he is around!
  9. I love making sandwiches too, with turkey preferably...

    Otherwise if I'm not in the mood to cook or there's nothing in the fridge, I'll order a spicy tuna salad from the sushi place down the street...
  10. I go to Wendy's and pick up their Mandarin chicken salad. Quick, easy, and very filling, I usually can't finish that salad, it's HUGE!
  11. most of the time it will be tuna sandwiches, mac & cheese or just a smoothie blend. if i am out, i would just grab something from mac's or some chinese take out.
  12. A couple of glasses of wine. I'm too lazy to eat dinner when PHH isn't home.
  13. Cereal with low fat milk or one fuji apple..
  14. I actually don't eat when no one is around. When I was away from home for a few months I'd forget about eating a lot and had to be reminded by my mom who'd call from halfway across the world - it's probably related to the kind of food we cook and eat (which is prepared in larger quantities for the whole family to enjoy rather than an individual portion)

    If I had to eat something it would be SALAD (with tuna in it) or Fatoosh (salad with pieces of pita in it and a middle eastern dressing)
  15. Usually left overs or take out. If I cook something, it's usually soup or stew.