What do you have for Christmas dinner?

  1. We have a big gathering on Christmas eve with ham and all the sides. It is a lot of work so by Christmas Day I am whipped. I want to make something easy and most importantly, not terribly rich and heavy. Any suggestions?

    And what do you have for your holiday meal?
  2. We have a meal very similar to Thanksgiving. So turkey, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, waldorf salad & macaroni salad, crescent rolls, macaroni cheese, gravy etc...

    If that's a little heavy for you how about a pie? Or you could go with a theme like Italian and make a lasagne or pasta dish? My DH's family also have steaks on xmas day.
  3. We did the entire TG dinner last year and while it is good, it is so much work. The Italian thing is a good idea since DH and his mom are Italian. Thanks!
  4. We never really had a traditional ham/turkey Christmas dinner when I was growing up, my mom always varied it up, and we do the same now. One year we did an Italian meal with lasagna, another year we did a Mexican dinner with tamales (traditional Christmas fare). I think it is fun to try something out of the ordinary.

    What about a "breakfast for dinner" Christmas Eve brunch buffet? Make up a breakfast casserole beforehand & refrigerate, then bake that night before everyone shows up. Pick up some croissants, muffins, and fruit to serve with it.

    Do your guests expect to be served a full, sit-down meal? If not, why not do cocktail fare? Pick up some cheese platters, veggie tray, & hors d'oeuvres. Maybe for something heavier a smoked ham or prime rib, with rolls so people can make mini sandwiches.

    Otherwise I'd suggest having it catered.
  5. This is my menu so far, still needs more to be added:

    - Prosciutto-wrapped melon
    - cheese and crackers
    - dips and raw veg
    - olives and spreads
    - salami and other cured meats

    - mini pumpkin arancini with mozarella
    - roast veg (parsnip, sweet potato, capsicum, carrot etc)
    - steam potato and green bean salad with a mustard vinagertte
    - tomato and cucumber salad with balsamic vinagerette
    - rocket, spinach, pumpkin, pine nut and feta salard with balsamic vinagerette
    - whole salmon cooked on the BBQ in foil
    - chicken skewers
    - chicken meatballs with sweet chilli dipping sauce
    - praws with cocktail sauce
    - lasagne
    - fried calamari rings

    - tiramisu
    - chocolate ripple cake
    - pizzelle with cream and nutella
    - fruit platter
    - sicilian creams
    - ginger bread house!

    Coffee with biscuits and chocolates

    I also want to make a signature cocktail or punch as this will be the first Christmas I am hosting!!
  6. Christmas is celebrated on three days in Germany: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and ...the 26th (not quite sure what day that is, LOL).

    On Christmas Eve we will have a nice meal at my aunt's house with fish.

    Christmas Day will be celebrated at my house and I will prepare a Goose with red cabbage, potato dumplings, a fresh winter salad and some sort of dessert.

    We will go out to eat on the 26th :smile:

    What is for Christmas Dinner at your house?
  7. Turkey & ham, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, waldorf salad & macaroni salad, crescent rolls, macaroni cheese, gravy, mashed potatoes & roasted potatoes, collard greens and cornbread dressing.

    Dessert is usually a pie and red velvet cake.

    Super excited!! :drool:
  8. Christmas Eve dinner is our big family Italian dinner at a cousin's house. On Christmas Night, we'll be having ham, salad, mashed potatoes, garlic roasted green beans, cinnamon apples and homemade bread. For dessert, probably cookies or pie.

    We also do a big Christmas morning breakfast with quiche, bagels and cream cheese, mimosas, and fruit salad. Yum yum!
  9. We have roast duck (cooked with apples and prunes), pickled red cabbage and caramelised potatoes, as well as sauce and normal boiled potatoes. Sometimes we'll also have an apple sauce with horseradish, Waldorf salad and different other meats (sausage, pork w/ crackling).

    Dessert is risalamande, which is (cold) rice pudding with almonds and vanilla, mixed with whipped cream and served with a (hot or cold) cherry sauce.

    It all sounds a bit strange, but it's very nice.

    We usually don't have a starter, but I think I'll make blinis with smoked mackerel, beetroot and a mustard sour cream.
  10. That sounds AMAZING :drool:

  11. Doesn't sound strange at all - sounds very delicious!

    May I ask how you make the caramelized potatoes? We'll be making potato dumplings but it will be nice to have an alternative at dinner :smile:

    Risalamande is a fancy version of Milchreis, right?
  12. This recipe explains the method quite well: http://www.food.com/recipe/caramelised-potatoes-sukkerbrunede-kartofler-423174

    According to my recipe, you should use 750 g potatoes (enough for 4 people), 50 grams of sugar and 50 grams of butter.

    We always use new potatoes (those small round ones) - they look nicer on the plate and they have a nicer texture IMO.

    My recipe says that it is possible to reheat the potatoes if necessary. By adding a bit of water the potatoes should not get dull and matte.
    Covering the potatoes with a lid will however make them dull and matte.

    Milchreis is AFAIK the same as a plain rice pudding, so yes, it's a fancy (and much better) version of that. But not very healthy - it's one of those things we only have around Christmas :smile:
  13. Christmas Eve this year will be a huge pork tenderloin.
    Christmas Day dinner will be Italian as always. Lasagna, baked ziti, antipasta, etc . .
  14. Christmas Eve this year my mom is going to make it Mexican themed...homemade fresh tamales & enchiladas verdes.

    Christmas Day is usually spent at my sister's..where she makes a big breakfast..egg bake..cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate.. & other goodies...so working out at the gym this weekend, lol..
  15. Tonight (Christmas eve) is prime rib, buttered corn, sautéed green beans with onions and carrots, roasted potatoes, and lava cake for dessert.

    Christmas dinner will be at my godparents house and is very similar to Thanksgiving