what do you hate to do?

  1. What things do you hate doing?
  2. Getting up in the mornings to go to work.

  3. I used to love to drive but all the dumba**es on the roads have ruined it for me big time!

    Other than that I hate goodbyes:tdown:
  4. oh yes, and cocky men!!!

    seriously, this list could go on and on!
  5. Scrubbing the :censor: roasting pan.
  6. I hate to empty the dishwasher.
  7. I hate vacuuming. Annnd....Getting up before the sun rises.
  8. paying bills
  9. shave my legs
  10. I hate arrogance, i hate attitude, i hate selfishness, i hate hate, and i hate studying
  11. Grocery shopping and cleaning our house!
  12. I hate shoveling snow, carrying the groceries in after shopping and putting them away.
  13. I hate to grocery shop. There used to be a service: "homegrocers.com" that went out of business. I loved them. I also hate getting gas in my car.
  14. Cook:yucky: Probably b/c I'm terrible at it!
  15. Waking up in the morning and getting ready for work. :tdown: