what do you guyz think about this bag??

  1. hi guyz,

    I'm going to Sydney on July for Hillsong Conference. I'm thinking to bring a sling bag, so it will leave me hands free.

    I like this bag. But the price in my country (Indonesia) is usually much more expensive than other countries.

    Anybody know the price of this bag in Australia or Singapore or Thailand? I have relatives there and they can help me buy this bag. TIA.

  2. it might be more expensive over there because the bag is imported there.
  3. gorgeous bag.
  4. Very pretty- I like it!
  5. Yeah, it's very pretty :love:
    Anybody know the price in Singapore or Australia?
  6. I was in the Melbourne store a month ago and from memory it was around AUD 1400.
  7. Its very pretty!
  8. It's really pretty!:yes:
  9. i think it is beautiful, but not comfortable to carry.
  10. I was wondering if you put this bag across your chest (like a sling bag) how low does it go on your body?

  11. so cute. love gucci
  12. Very Nice...
  13. yummy! :graucho:
  14. Very nice!
  15. I wouldn't order this bag without trying it on in store. I LOVED this bag when it came out but was bitterly disappointed when I tried it on. It was heavy, uncomfortable to carry (as gucci fan said), and I found that unless you had a lot of stuff in it, its shape wouldn't look right. And as mentioned, with heaps of stuff in it, it made it heavy and uncomfortable to wear.

    You can wear it across the body but the bag doesn't look good (in my opinion). It just doesn't sit right. Hope that helps.