what do you guys wear when you go out??

  1. i'm going out with my friends this weekend in the big city. it'll be the first time we've all been together since 2002. it'll also be only the second or third time i've gone to a bar EVER (and i'm almost 23...shows how much i get out!) and i've never been dancing before.

    i have NO idea what to wear. i was thinking sevens, a black tank top, sparkly clutch, and black boots...but that sounded boring. ideas please? what is your favorite going out outfit?
  2. That sounds like a pretty cute outfit to go out. Or you could go with a cute dress, boots and a clutch? A great necklace would be a nice touch
  3. I think it sounds good. I usually always stick to black or some fun top. All the black+white mod stuff coming out seems great for bars, too.

    I have to agree with Perja great accesories always perk up the classic blacktop/jeans club wear.
  4. I'd be wary of a clutch because if you are in a bar it might get lost! I usually wear a Coach demi bag when I go out to the bars since I won't carry anything over 200 out where it might get alcohol spashed on or even worse...

    Jeans and the black top & boots sound cute though :smile:.
  5. My advice is have one outrageous piece to draw attention, accentuate your best feature to draw attention to the right place and wear comfortable enough shoes (so that you can dance in them for at least three hours). I carry clutches all the time when I go out, but they are not the most comfortable type to carry around. A small shoulder bag or no bag at all are better.

    Try not to wear a lot of dark colors because you'll just kind of blend into the scenery. Have at least a bit of sparkle if you don't want to wear a bold or light color.
  6. Yeah, I would be reluctant to take a clutch to a bar. I, personally, would leave it at a bar or forget it for a second and someone would grab it.

    How about medium blue denim jeans, black tank top, black stilettos, black/silver/crystal long stranded beads around your neck, and whatever color hobo bag that has silver hardware:idea:
  7. I would just skip the purse all together (i know...purse forum...sorry......hehe). It's just that when I go out to dance it's hard to be carrying a purse on my shoulders and dance at the same time. The dance floor is too crowded for that too. Other girls do that and keep hitting me with it...i hate it. I just take the essentials, ID, cash for cover, one credit card, lip gloss, and put them in my pockets...since I usually wear jeans.

    Your outfit sounds good...I like the black silver beads idea from envyme. Don't forget a nice pair of earrings! They can play up an outfit by a lot! :yes:
  8. I'm with gingerfarm on this one. Though if I were going dancing, I'd also opt for flats, so my feet wouldn't hurt all night. Sparkly jewelry would really set off the black outfit (which sounds really cute!:yes:)

    Have fun!:biggrin:
  9. If I'm going to clubs or bars I typically wear designer jeans with a "sexy" or distinctive looking top. I carry a small shoulder bag and comfy shoes to prevent tripping.

    In the summer I might wear a demin skirt or capris. Possibly white or black pantsc rarely a dress unless I'm doing something "dressier" before hand like a nice dinner or seeing a show.
  10. A pair of nice tight (but stretchy) jeans with a cute sparkly halter or tube top with some sexy heels. I usually carry a wristlet when I go out to clubs.

    Have fun!!
  11. thanks for all the suggestions! i decided on the outfit i said earlier except non designer but still cute jeans because both pairs of sevens will be at Nordstrom getting hemmed (after walking around today i couldn't bear walking on the hems anymore...) i'll feel more like myself which is always a good thing. :smile:

    i'm going shopping with a couple of the girls beforehand and y'all gave me some great suggestions for accessories. i didn't even think of leaving the clutch on the bar...and that's definately something i would do. hrm. going to have to add sparkly jewelry and some sort of small shoulder bag to my list (camera doesn't fit in my pockets and hubby asked me to keep my phone on me for safety reasons...) :smile:
  12. I know a purse can be such a great accessory, but, when it comes to clubbing, I tend to leave it at home. It's just such a hassle to keep track of, esp. when I tend to put things down and walk away lol...I would go w/ jeans and some type of top, tank top, halter, w/e. w/ long earrings and a cute necklace. As for shoes, that's something I always take the longest with, I want heels, but, my feet hurt after an hour! I would go with low heels, 2 inches or under, they tend to hurt less :smile:
  13. I also leave the purse at home for clubbing - too much hassel, too much to carry and too much to worry about!
  14. I wear a nice top with jeans or black pants and shoes that I will be comfortable in. I also take a wristlet with me.
  15. I would take a wristlet instead of a clutch.. something that you don't need to hold on to is better.