What do you guys use for passports/ID/boarding pass storage at airport?

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  1. HI,
    I'm looking for a small purse/holder ideas for storing multiple passports (mine and kids), boarding passes, IDs. Currently I just use a giant wallet with a crossbody strap but it does not hold multiple passports and boarding passes.
    I'll be carrying a backpack and I thought something with a crossbody strap would be a good option to be hands free.
    I've looked online for passport holders and they are all zip around case with no strap.
    Being purse lovers here, how do you all travel in style when it comes to passports?
  2. I usually carry a tote when I travel. I have a pouch that I carry the passports in.
  3. I have a cute little Yardley passport holder that fits my passport and my OCI card. I usually keep that in the zip compartment of whatever crossbody I'm carrying. Usually only carry crossbodies when I travel.
  4. I carry mine in my Pochette Felicie.

    Mochi things has one that's a pouch and crossbody but it's not designer and nylon.
  5. I carry mine in my twice. Middle section holds my passport case (Tory Burch) and my iPhone. It's so small the airlines never count it as my second carry on piece.
    If I'm traveling with others I use the pouchette that comes with the NF to carry everyone's passport and all my travel docs.
  6. I have a Vera Bradley passport holder and it goes in my LV Neverfull pouch
  7. I keep my passport and id in my wallet. My boarding passes are always on my phone.
  8. I always carry my Givenchy pandora when I travel so my pp is in its inside pouch. Its a great travel bag and looks cool too.
  9. I've finally gotten over the fear that my phone app boarding pass won't scan correctly at the security counter or when boarding, so I just use my phone now. It still is a little scary and sometimes I wish I had the paper one as a backup, but it has always worked. I used to be the only one I saw using the boarding app, but lately, I've seen a few other passengers scanning their phone as well. Still scary though. And my license is just in the see through compartment of my wallet so I just flip it open.
  10. I put everything in a passport cover. One of the ones I have has a matching pouch so I guess if I had multiple passports, I would put it in that pouch. I remember when I was a kid that I carried my own passport tho. inside1623white.JPG
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