What do you guys thinks Andrea Bruekner?

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  1. Hiyo Everybody !! I'm thinking of ordering the Andrea Bruekner Saddle Bag ( tan medium), as seen on Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan, etc. What do you guys think of it? I think it's a bit plain, but the weaving makes up for that in my opinion. Also, I usually wear lots of accessories, like really big earrings or stacked long necklaces, so i think a simple bag would be cool...Also how do u guys feel about wearing diffrent shades of brown at the same time ( shoes, bag). I think its totally fine, just want to make sure i'm not the only eclectic Rachel Zoe wannabe out there, lol :love: ( see pic below)
  2. I love my Andrea Brueckner bag (I've got it in the medium black). I first spotted this bag when there was a lot of press with CaCee Cobb (Jessica Simpson's assistant) and Lindsay Lohan carrying it, but it was only when I actually "tried it on" at a boutique in NYC SoHo that I fell in love with it. Fits really nice against the body and is nice and roomy. My only beef with it is the extra material on the shoulder strap. It sort of digs into my shoulder and gives me a cramp if I carry the bag with any substantial weight in it for a long period of time.
  3. I like the shape, but I can't help thinking that the weave is just biting off of bottega.
  4. I have the black med. saddle - It holds a ton of stuff, the weave is beautiful and I find it very comfortable on my shoulder. It's a great everyday bag.
  5. I too think it's a great looking bag but I agree with supersaucy, it does resemble Bottega Veneta.
  6. While it does resemble BV, I do like the bag. I've considered this one myself but decided to go with another. (I haven't made up my mind yet between the two I'm considering;) )
  7. I think it is a pretty bag; I almost bought it but decided it resembled the BV too much. But I do like it.
  8. I love this bag. I have the one in the picture - the medium saddle bag in camel. I recommend that you purchase it from a retailer with a good return policy, though. One of the studs holding the handle onto the bag came out of mine after I'd had it two days. I called activeendeavors.com, which is where I ordered it, and they said they'd had that problem with several of the AB bags in that style. They promptly sent me a new one after they received my damaged bag. They also had free shipping.

    I think it is a fabulous bag. It has a great shape, and since the weaving is actually an embossed pattern on the bag (it's not actually woven), the bag itself is not heavy.

    One member mentioned a week or so ago that she got hers for 40% off at shopchicstyle.com, I think. One difficulty I had in selecting a color is that it seems to vary depending on the website. And, I found that different websites had different names for the colors.

    I think it's definitely okay to combine different shades of brown. This bag is one that I'll carry forever. I highly recommend it!
  9. It's actually not woven leather but stamped or embossed (don't know which is correct) to look like a weave. I have the vegas bucket, and, personally, like this line. I can't wait to see what she's got coming for s/s.
  10. Thanks alot !! That's funny, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it was the BV thing. But then ( this is gonna sound very superficial and stupid) I saw Lindsay and Beyonce carrying the bags and figured that that made up for it, lol. I'm gonna go for it- Just goot await til 2morrow- PAYDAY !!! Thanks everybody!!

    P.S. In case anybody is interested I'm actually buying it from wwww.fengjunk.com. They have it for $382 ( i think it's supposed to be like $425). PLUS when u use the promocode : stylebakery, u get 15% off !! They have lots of other cool stuff if u guys are interested.