What do you guys think...

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  1. My SA sent me a photo of these earrings, but I'm not too sure about them just yet....everyone's opinion would be great :smile: thanks!

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  2. HELLO.....Gorge🎉
  3. Beautiful!

  4. +1
  5. Cute classic cc studs, why not?
  6. Ive tried this style in grey and they sparkle under the light. I ended up getting another pair because i am not sure of the texture. If you are not sure dont buy. Chanel has so many cc stud earrings. Im sure you will find something else.
  7. They look very pretty! Go for it. :smile:
  8. stunning! You should get them!
  9. thanks for all the feedback everyone :heart::kiss::smile::smile:
  10. i like it!
  11. Darling! Love!