What do you guys think?

  1. I am thinking of getting this if it is still at the outlets tomorrow. I love the bag and the color. The only concern is keeping the suede looking good.
    bor duffle.jpg
  2. I'm not a fan of the duffle shape but LOVE their suede, especially in that hue!
  3. Beautiful bag. I'd get it just be careful with the suede. I have a light blue suede Coach and it has a lot of stains, but then it is light blue. The brown is really pretty and should do better than mine.
  4. I love that!
  5. It's really pretty - hope you have a successful shopping trip!
  6. I love the duffel style and the suede. Its beautiful!
  7. Cute bag. Dark suede will wear and fare much better than a light color. Make sure to waterproof it and invest in a suede brush.
  8. So pretty! The color is TDF! Looks like it is indeed in the outlets based on the pic. Check eBay for other auction pics (this is how I can kinds tell what's in the outlets now).
  9. Beautiful! I have two Coach dark brown suede bags and they have held up wonderfully. :flowers:
  10. Love the color! Perfect for fall.
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