What do you guys think?

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  1. You know this is the wrong place to ask that question... Get it, get it, get it!! :smile: Seriously though, I think it is really cute.
  2. So THATS the bag I saw the other day walking by my store, I seriously had no clue what it was.
  3. So cute! I love that color too.
  4. I think it is really cute! It caught my eye when it first popped up on the website. You should totally get it
  5. That's the only color that's available now until mid October. But, you should so get it. It's a gorgeous bag..I will have to stop by the store when the khaki/gold & black/silver are in stores.
  6. It's a cute bag, but I don't like the color.
  7. Its even better irl! Get that!
  8. Even though I only carry black, I love the khaki/crimson colors and I think that is a beautiful bag. Very classy! So, my thought is GET IT!
  9. I dont really like it.....
  10. Honestly I'm with Lisa, it's too busy IMO.. but if you love it go for it.
  11. Very cute!!! i would def. get it
  12. i agree.
    it's too small to have that much stuff going on...it's a little overwhelming for that size bag.
  13. It doesn't really do anything for ME, but I think if you like it then go for it! I like the colors, just think the strap of color is a bit too big for that size bag.
  14. If you love it, you should get it.
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