What do you guys think?

  1. Hi everyone so if you guys remember from my other thread. Me and my husband we naming our son Gaetano but my cousin stole the name from us. So we decided to look for another one just in case. And we came up with Enzo Philip. And i wanted to see what you guys think? And get some feedback on this name.
  2. How about Enzo Giani? Which one sounds better to you guys?
  3. I like Enzo Giani :yes:!!:yes:
  4. Ahhh, Enzo is so cute.:tup: I prefer it with Giani too.:smile:
  5. I like Enzo! I prefer Philip or Phillipe though.
  6. I like Enzo Giani, I'm glad you were able to find a new name, and be excited, it's all yours! :smile:

  7. Me too. And don't tell any of your relatives until the baby is born and his name is written on the birth certificate in ink!

  8. LOL i know i'm not telling anyone this one...It's all mine!!!
  9. I like Enzo Giani too. I'm sorry the original name you picked got stolen!
  10. ooh.. i like enzo! what a great name~ !!! Giani and Philip are both the same. Have you considered the initials? Maybe that might help.
  11. oh the nerve of them!!!!
    i vote for enzo giani.
  12. enzo filippo is my vote
  13. I'm so glad you came up with another name that you like! I still can't believe your cousin did that, and I still think you have every right to be made.

    I like Enzo, very cute. I like Philip or Filippo for the middle name.
  14. Yeah we are so happy that we found another one. I'm still upset but i can't stress about it anymore. And you know what when my son is born and my cousin sees that we changed the name then he will feel like the **** head not me..And really i shouldn't say that because it's family but i hope he feels really bad about what he has done.

    I can't believe you remember the name Filippo thats my dads name and i was thinking about that one but i thought it didn't sound right..But maybe it does..
  15. I don't see why you can't name your son the original name you wanted. Your cousin does not have exclusive rights to the name. I have friends who have siblings who named their children the same names. It is not a big deal.
    I would go with what you want and the hell with feeling your cousin stole the name.