What do you guys think?

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  1. I want these for winter time. I really like them :heart: What do you guys think? They dont have them in my size right now but as soon as they do I'm getting them (hopefully).

  2. cute. i love them! funky and probably SUPER comfy!
  3. Cute-I like them!
  4. I LOVE them! What a great winter shoe!
  5. Very funky !! :yes:
  6. Very nice!!!
    Where are they from?
  7. I like them too. They're very different.
  8. i think they're cute!
  9. they must be so comfy!
  10. Thank you for posting everyone!

    They are Timberlands and these are off Zappos.com.
  11. They look like they'll keep your feet nice and warm!
  12. I thought they looked like Timberlands. I wear a black pair of Timberlands when I ride my motorcycle minus the sweater part.:P
  13. They look really cute, but can you wear them when it snows a lot?? it seems like it might get wet (the top part)?
  14. Hey D & G! That thought had crossed my mind since I live in NC now where it snows and I am not used to snow having previously lived in Florida for about 6+ years.

    This year it didnt snow in Raleigh though, so I think I will brave it. If it does snow I just wont wear them out, I'll wear my other winter boots which also happen to be Tim's, lol.

    My babies!

  15. Both pairs of boots are SOOOOO Cute!
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