What do you guys think?

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  1. Really cute! Clean lines, nice size! I really like the green one too! Hmmmmm?
  2. Yea, the green one looks really nice! I like the chalk-colored one too but wonder if you would run the risk of dirtying it at work, etc? If you don't feel like you would scuff it then I say go for it. If not, I would definitely go w/ the green!
  3. Cute kind of reminds me of a black loewe I saw yesterday :biggrin:
  4. I think they're nice bags, simple and understated but not stodgy. Can be dressed up or down. From my experience the latest BR bags have very nice leather too. I think if you feel you'll use it, it's definitely a keeper.
  5. hi ya, i hope you keep it! it's really nice, i would totally use it for work! it looks like a good size to keep lots of papers! :smile:
  6. Looks like a keeper to me! Nice choice...the white is cute!
  7. white and elegant. since it's leather, should be easy to wipe off any dirt. Keep it.
  8. I think it's a great choice!
  9. For sure an everyday bag, simple and clean! Keep it!
  10. I really like it! Great lines and seems like it would be a good size! Looks great in white!
  11. The Bag is quite Hot for its price range and is sought after.
  12. I agree with Inky Paws...clean and classic looking! Congrats on the new bag!
  13. Thanks so much for all your input! As it is right now, I think I'm going to keep it. I'll give myself a week or two more and see if I'm still loving it this much...if so, then I'm gonna keep it :smile:

    Me so bad....I just bought a pair of shoes the day before and another white purse a couple days ago......but it's so cute! :love: