What do you guys think?

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  1. I can only buy one bag right now and since I cannot find a city in the color that I want, should I buy the twiggy or the mini bowling on sale?

    I will tell you what I carry in my bag everyday:

    wallet, keys, cell phone, make up bag, planner, journal, and sunglasses.

    if going to a movie or out, i will have my digital camera and glasses.

    Soooo, what do you guys think?
  2. I'd get the Twiggy - IMHO, it holds a lot
  3. I agree with spay, twiggy definitely holds more stuff than the mini bowling
  4. because the mini is thin, do you think the shape will look strange when i have stuff in it?
  5. I've not seen the mini bowling IRL, but after looking at photos posted here, I do think the mini bowling would look a bit odd fully stuffed - you don't have that much room to expand on the sides, so if you really stuffed it, I think it would take on a pillow shape (if that makes any sense whatsoever).
  6. If you have your heart set on a City in a particular color, I'd wait for it.

    IMHO, if you get a bag just because it's on sale, you won't feel satisfied, and eventually you'll find the one you really wanted.
  7. :yes: totally agree with that...

    how much do you really want that city...? if it's something you think you can't live without, and youve already seen it IRL and u know u like it(bbags look so different in pics) then it's worth the wait.. if not, get the twiggy if your desire for it is almost equivalent, it sounds like it'll suit your needs anyways...! :tup:
  8. Both the twiggy and the mini bowling will fit your things, however, when it comes to expensive things like Balenciaga bags, I think it's best not to settle, and wait for a city. You won't regret it! One time I got a bbag just because it was on sale, and in the end it wasn't as clever a purchase as a bag that I really wanted and used a lot but bought retail. KWIM?
  9. Well I have been looking all over for a blueberry city, but I haven't found one. I was thinking I would get a black city once the fall colors come out. I really do like the twiggy and I like the color. I thought I could get a mini bowling that was on sale, cuz it was cheaper. But I dont like it as much as the twiggy. I figured if I got the mini bowling, I could get the wallet as well. For now, I cant get the wallet if I bought the twiggy.

    Does that make sense?

    I think I am going with the twiggy...
  10. I say wait for the city! I want a cornflower city and i had a look on ebay and there was a cornflower twiggy; I didnt get it because i knew i wouldnt love it as much as the city, kwim? So yeh wait and get the city! xx
  11. illini3, please read my "Rant" post before you "settle"... I can totally understand what you are going through but to "settle" may have unpleasant consequences and cause you added stress, I’d hate for anyone else to go through it... I was UBER stressed yesterday :sad:

    Good luck :flowers:
  12. I love the Twiggy... I think it's such a beautiful bag. But either choice will be wonderful!
  13. Which are you more concerned about, the Color or the Style of the bag? If you really want the Color Blueberry go with the Twiggy otherwise I would wait for Ocean in the fall collection and get that in a City style.
  14. i agree with queenvictoria2, you could wait for ocean city in fall collection, it looks like a pretty good substitute for blueberry, otherwise, go with the twiggy, don't just get something because it's on sale cos you'll end up spending more money cos you'll STILL want to buy the one you wanted at the beginning!!
  15. I prefer the City, but if you really want to buy a bag right now, then you should get the Twiggy.