What do you guys think???

  1. I've heard that the site is legitimate, but I think people have issues with the amount charged for shipping and the conversion prices...

    You can preorder that bag through NM and my local NM actually has the bag in stock! If you're registered for www.luckymagrewards.com as a Lucky magazine subscriber, you can get 4% off if you link to NM through them. Or you can just call my NM, ask for Jason, and get the bag shipped to you directly! Their number is 619.692.9100.

    Personally, for the small price difference, I'd go through nm.

  2. Oh--and if you have a NM card, double points start this Thursday. For the cost of the Spy, you'd almost qualify for the $125 gc since you need 5k points. That bag would get you REALLY close--you could literally buy some mints and be set!
  3. I would recommend you to try to find this purse in a store and look at it in person. When i first saw the pictures i feel deeply in love with this purse but when i saw it in person it was :sick: . The bag is definately more gold in color. the handles stand out alot because of the bright gold and the bag is pretty much silver with gold cracks all over it. just not what i expected.......
  4. WOW wicked, that's really great information! But doesn't NM only accept AMEX or NM cards, I have neither, but I do have discover, visa and mastercard(call me chicken but amex wants there money up front)I shop toooooo much for that! LOL
  5. lol, Amex is a great way to keep you under control.

    You can use Visa for NM.com--it's technically a separate company. Also, the NM in Vegas is the ONLY store in the company that accepts Visa. So if you really wanted the bag, you could try giving them a call.
  6. Keeping me under control, HA! I guess this is why my hubby tries to get me to take his, you know what I say to him....HELL NO!:nuts: Everyone I know has one, and they keep telling me to get one....If it aint broke don't fix it, my credit is damn good and I want to keep it that way!:biggrin: