What do you guys think?

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  1. What do you guys think of these bags:

    Hogan Shopper

    Valentino Satchel

    Pucci Satchel


    Be & D Hobo

    Bottega hobo

    Luella Luca
  2. i like the valentino satchel best.
  3. I looooove the Valentino satchel. I'd like the Bottega a lot too if it were in black I think.
  4. Another vote for Valentino! :smile:
  5. The Valentino is really nice as far as black bags go. Bottega is really starting to grow on me. The hobo looks goooooood~
  6. Ooooo-pretty! I likey....
  7. i love the be & d hobo! but i'm really into studs right now
  8. I like the Valentino as well, I love that V decoration! :biggrin:
  9. I like the Be & D too, but it looks better in black or chocolate. That colour just reminds me that its made of deerskin. Don't know why.
  10. I have the Be&D hobo (black with pinkish gold strap) and it's so delicious I could eat it - if it didn't look so gorgeous with all my stuff that doesn't go with my Audra!! :biggrin:
  11. There actually are plenty of studs on the strap of the Be&D hobo. Just enough, not too many.
  12. i like the 2nd the best.
  13. Valentino!
    It's eternally classy.
  14. I have the Hogan but the fringed variety. Love it! Actually, I have two...
  15. I like the Be & D Hobo and the Valentino.