what do you guys think

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  1. of francisco biasia bags? would love some opinions and thoughts!
  2. do a search on "francesco biasia" on the forum and you will find many posts discussing this great brand. i think the general feeling is that their bags are of very high quality and are durable, at reasonable prices too.
  3. I love Francesco Biasia! The Annie Rose and Secret Love are on my wish list. I don't own one yet but I've seen these bags in the store and IMO they're a good value. The leather is nice, the craftsmanship is good and he has several designs that I could go for. I think they're lovely and they're in my price range!

    I think Bag Snob has one featured this week.
  4. As Snowtire said, we have discussed the high quality and great style of FB many times - one of my favorite bags is one of his!
  5. The quality of FB bags is excellent, IMO, and the ones I've had have been very well-designed.
  6. Beautiful! I keep thinking of one of them.