What do you guys think of......

  1. these two bags in the damier collection...

    Triana [​IMG]




    or the speedy.

    I purchased my 1st LV- Manhattan PM but I need something for everyday. Both these bags look pretty durable. What do you ladies think of the style? Any suggestions for a 2nd LV that's good for everyday?

  2. how about the Duomo? it's one of my favorite bags from the Damier line :love:

  3. I also like the Duomo..but if you're going for one of the ones you posted, I'd get the Triana.
  4. ITA!:yes:
  5. Thanks! Both of you...

    yeuxhonnetes: do you have this bag? If so I would love to see a picture of you carrying it. I also like the look the Damier papillon and you look adorable with this bag.

    Lvbabdy doll: what Damier bags do you have in your collection. Do you have a favorite everyday bag. (from any collection)?
  6. The Duomo is a GREAT bag... I saw someone carrying it the other day... I almost died. lol.
  7. You're welcome :smile:
    Lol I only have the Speedy 30 and a 4 key holder. I like the Damier line but IMO, I only need one bag from this line since it's versatile and goes with everything. I don't want to overload on the Damier since I like my collection to vary a bit with things from each line instead of just one.
  8. Thanks LVbaby- I'm with you on only having one bag from this line. I orginally didn't even like it until I started seeing all the lovley ladies on here with it. I'm just starting my collection...theres so many that I want though! :wtf:
  9. I think those would be fine. They appear very classy and elegant.
  10. Lol. I had decided I needed a bag to match the keyholder my dad got me a couple years ago since it IS a nice print. So I went with the Speedy..couldn't go wrong with that haha.
    But now I'm Damier-ed out until the Azur one comes out..then I'll get a pochette or keycase or something. :lol:
  11. It may be a passing phase, but these days I like Damier better than the Mono. And as everyone is probably tired of hearing by now, I'm in love with the Duomo, so that would be my recommendation.
  12. What do you like about the Duomo?.....it looks like a bowling bag, although I know that's the style. I would need to see it in person....I'm not sure if its a curse or blessing that the nearest LV store is 2 hours away from me.:yahoo:
  13. Is the Azure the light colored print? I think I saw it on here a while back. When is that hitting the stores?
  14. I like the Brera... it would be too small for me, but it's cute and you don't see it that often :yes: