What do you guys think of....

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  1. ...some of these bags?



    Anna Corinna

    Lauren Merkin

  2. i love, love, love the goldenbleu! but in black. looks sooooo buttery! love it! :love:
  3. I like the Fendi. :smile:
  4. i love lauren merkin clutches, they're so cute. i also think that fendi is much cuter carried than in the pic.
  5. I like the DKNY and Laura Merkin one. Oooooooooh....
  6. I love the goldenbleu and the dkny
  7. The Fendi one reminds me of their awful, 2000$ for no good reason, "it" purses.. except larger.
  8. fug except the brown hobo
  9. The fendi is pretty.
  10. Like the Anna Corinna and Goldenbleu bags.
  11. The only one I like is the goldenbleu...but it reminds me of my Kooba lucy bag. I'd buy the Kooba instead. Softer Leather and more comfortable handles. I adore mine!

    This pic is from NeimanMarcus.com

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  12. Did you see the zipper though? Funky color on a black handbag. :Push:

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  13. ewwww! that's bjara, didn't see that...:sad2:
  14. what's up with that zipper?!
  15. i like the goldenbleu.