What do you guys think of this?

One of my friends got to this place that I was at recently b/c she wanted to borrow something from me. The place we were at was very busy and loud. (I don't want to post names or where we were b/c she might see this post or something.) So at the place we were at my handbag happened to be open. She's a very competitve girl by nature and only she can have the MOST and BEST of things. So she happens to see my Dior wallet. SHE SNATCHES MY WALLET, out of my bag before I even knew what happened! :blink: She even opened my wallet! I know that she's my friend, but... So anyways, she recently got a new bag and she must think that I got this wallet to spite her b/c she got a new bag. I'm not like that but I swear, she thinks people are out to get her or something. So she asked me like 3 times when I had gotten it. She was drilling me about this wallet. I kept telling her I got last year while I was on vacation. I am so weirded out my this incidence, am I being the crazy one??? :unsure:
Looks to me like a case of MAJOR jealousy!! Your friend has no right going through your bag- open or not- and then questioning you non-stop about it is just pointless. All it would do is piss you off and make her more jealous. What a bad trait. You aren't the crazy one at all!!! She is. I guess all people feel jealousy and envy at some point, but that is just competitive in a bad way. Anyhow, who cares if you have a lovely Dior wallet!!?!
Sounds like almost 50% of the people I know. GREEN w/ Envy. People do stupid things like that. I always stop and tell them (just some hehe) "Are you ok?" :hrmm:

Yeah I am ok. She used to not be this bad. She's just gotten worse over the last few months. Like she's got some insecurity issures. She constantly brags about how her husband spoils her, how he makes so much money, she even waved $600 dollars in my face. I just thought to myself when she did that, that she had NO CLASS. She can be really sweet and nice, so I really don't know what to think of her. She brings up how her husband makes mega bucks but won't say how much he makes, I think she wants me to ask her and at the same time I think she's wanting me to blurt out how much my husband makes b/c he owns his own business. I am not the type to kiss and tell though. Recently my husbands business has grown so I think that part of the reason why she's the way she is is b/c of that. We aren't rich or anything remotely close to being rich by far. We live comfortably and I'm happy about it. Her and her husband live in a big beautiful home and we live in a small home which I love, so I really don't see why she's got to act like this. I considered as my really good good friend but now I just don't know. Plus, my brother got me a multicolored LV wallet and now I'm afraid to take it out and use it, b/c I don't want to make her even more mad at me. She has been giving me the cold shoulder, ever since I got a Burberry back early this summer.
Something is wrong with her!!! She doesn't want you to EVER have anything REMOTELY close to or, heaven forbid, better than hers! First of all, if you are happy who really cares?? Why should she care what house you have, car, or your husband's salary! That is the worst part. Some people try so hard to FLAUNT their money, when it really doesn't matter. What matters the most in life is being happy. And it seems to me like she is actually not happy- trust me- no matter how large the amount of cars, clothes, bags, size of house, amount of salary- it does not make someone happy. Some people try to cover up with 'things'. But those are just material goods. The way I see it- she is jealous of something money can't buy- so she is over-compensating with her material goods, which really, in the scheme of life, don't matter whatsoever.

I hope you are happy with your life, house, self, husband, family, etc. Because, afterall, that is what matters most in this world.