What do you guys think of this Valentino?

  1. A co-worker of mine is interested in the bag. She's a purse lover as well. I have told her so much about this forum, she wanted your opinions :yes:
  2. There was a blog entry about this bag a while ago. I don't remember who posted it, but they weren't into it. However, I like it. It think the braiding makes it unique.
  3. Ahh thanks, I searched the name of the bag before posting and didn't come up with anything, but the blog didn't use the name. I like the color, but not so sure on the rest of it. But I didn't have the heart to tell her myself :sad:
  4. I quite like it personally. I think the braiding is unique and the color really pops. I guess it would depend on how much it is, and how often she'd use it.
  5. I really like this bag! So bad not so popular his bags, Valentino-great designer!
  6. Personally I love it. I think this color is gorgeous. I really fell in love with it after I saw how great is looked on Jennifer Garner.
    Jennifer1.jpg Jennifer2.jpg
  7. Don't love the pockets for some reason. It looks very busy in front. Otherwise, stylng is cool and I love it on Jennifer Garner.
  8. Thanks for the pics, I'll let my co-worker know.
  9. i love it especially the handles
  10. Maybe because it is leather it would be different, but last time I handled a Valentino bag I was sorely disappointed. It felt really flimsy and felt like it may not last very long. Who knows, it was at TJMaxx and could have been fake, but if it was real it was a really sad bag.
  11. TJ Maxx has Valentinos?? Whoa...
  12. i think it's pretty
  13. I think you have Valentino confused with Valentina, which is brand frequently found at TJ Maxx. Valentino is couture.