What do you guys think of this tote?

  1. I saw this tote in an ivory color and think it's kind of cute:

    (Picture from NM)

    Has anyone seen it IRL? What are your thoughts?
  2. i likey!! :smile:
  3. I'm sort of impartial to this bag... I'm not a tote lover so it's not something I'd consider. Maybe I'd like it in a different color?

    If you like it, that's all that matters.
  4. It is lovely tote! It is on my wish list too.
  5. i really like that bag! there's a picture of a model carrying it in brown in the bloomingdale's catalog where it just looks amazing!
  6. I think the color that kinda turns me off. The tote itself is cute!
  7. I like that!
  8. I think I love it!
  9. I like it too Suli...But I know it's something I wouldn't purchase for myself..Only b/c I don't need that style of bag right now..but you know..give me time...are thinking of purchasing?
  10. I like it- do you think you are going to get it?
  11. I was in NYC this afternoon and saw the bag in ivory at Bergdorf's! Very cute, and a lot larger than I thought it would be. I actually passed on it and bought some MJ "Mouse" shoes in black leather and a DVF dress!

    But, the bag is truly cute in person!

  12. This tote looks incredible. It seems so practical and yet classy at the same time! What's the name of this one?
  13. It's very nice in person and bigger than it looks in the pictures. Very classy.
  14. it's cute and classy but didn't wow me.
  15. I love it!