What do you guys think of this new LV pink bag?

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  1. I think this was posted a while ago. I am on the waitlist for the GM version. The PM seems very cute though. I am just a bit hesitant because its cloth and seems like it could get dirty easily. Other than that I think its great! I hope it comes in soon :biggrin:
  2. I like this bag a lot but I am just worried that it will get dirty easily. Should I get the bigger one or smaller one? It's so hard to decide!!! By the way, how old are you women who like this bag? I am 22.
  3. I'm 22 as well. Very cute. As for larger or smaller, it depends on you. Do you prefer larger or smaller bags? lol Do you carry around a lot? I tend to like larger bags.
  4. I saw it at the sakd in my area and it's very cute...i tend to like small bags tho and would definitely get it if the fear of getting dirt on fabric bags didn't make me crazy....i am thinking of getting a small blue paddy tho....:embarasse
  5. I like it ....and am 27
  6. I'm 23 and I think it's cute. I saw it at the LV store last week.
  7. Love it ! Wish I had the $$$ to actually take it home, haha.
  8. I'm not a fan of pink, but it is very cute. And since I live in DC, it's hard to picture anyone carrying anything like that.
  9. im 27 and i like it alot! i would recommend the big size thouh :smile:
  10. I love this bag! I bought one last week. I adore any shade of pink. Its a gorgeous in person. I'm OLD 37...does that make it an ol' lady bag??? I would have loved it at 22!!! or 52!!!