what do you guys think of this muse?

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  1. Hey everyone, I just want to thank everyone in advance for all the tips and deals/steals! You guys all rock and hope you guys don't mind me sneaking in from the Miu Miu thread :P. I am still looking for a muse and I came upon this navy blue patent croc muse an SA sent me? Yay or nay? From the pictures, it looks almost black.

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  2. It's fabulous! If you're getting a great deal on it then that's double fab! :woohoo:

    Did the SA tell you that it was a deep dark blue? Like midnight blue? Just wondering because it just looks black. I think blue will be THE bag color for Spring. At least to me it will be. :biggrin:
  3. OMGosh....I think it is so yummy.....the color is stunning and the croc is beyond fabulous! I have a basic black patent but this takes it to the highest level!
  4. It's a keeper.

    Muse is a classic and the color is gorgeous!
  5. Are you sure its not black?

    I haven't seen this version in navy patent. (Unless its new for spring, along with the regular-leather navy Muses???)

    Here's a pic of the black from the Reference Library. Was from fall 2007.

  6. that's what I thought Cosmo, it sure looks black to me in the photo, but she said that it was dark navy? She said it was hidden in the back room, probably by another SA, and she discovered it. She thought it was new for Spring, but apparently, it was on sale!!!
  7. I like this Muse in black (or navy, lol.) I just want to make sure you know what you are getting. :yes:

    As I mentioned above, YSL is doing the Muse in navy regular leather for resort/spring. (Here's a pic from the Ref Library below.) So its certainly possible that they are coming out with navy patent too.... Though I doubt it would be on sale already???

  8. i dont know....i kinda like the ordinary buffalo leather more than that
  9. Love it :tup:! That croc patent looks sooo pretty :drool::drool::drool:
  10. Wow, it looks like my black croc patent rive gauche! I love midnight navy but I don't see the blue in it. Either way, it's gorgeous!
  11. I have that same navy croc patent in the small Muse. It is the older color from Fall 07. It is super, super dark navy but compared to black, you can still see blue tints to it. You can also see the blue better in sunlight of course.
  12. blue or black ~ i love it! if i were you, i'd grab it! ;)
  13. Lovely! Did you end of purchasing it?
  14. Cosmo: I adore this black and navy too!

    Ok, so I made the plunge girls!!! She'll be arriving early next week! I'll be sure to post photos when I get her!!! :yahoo: Thanks for all your advice!!!
  15. Its gorgeous!! I love it!! and so will you:smile: