What do you guys think of this MJ handbag?

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  1. I'm thinking about getting is at thepursestore since they have that 30% off coupon...

  2. I never saw that IRL. I think it is cute but there is something about it that throws me off..can't put my finger on it.
  3. i like the colors. it looks sporty. it's also bigger than it looks in the pics, which is a good thing. for 30% off, i think it'd be a good buy.
  4. I like it:yes: Love those colors together too.
  5. is it patent? i think thats the only thing i dont like - which is VERY odd considering i am the patent queen!! id love to see a real piccys of it (not those stock shots)
  6. Sooo cutesy! :yes:
  7. I think shoptwigs has some more pics if you need them.

    I think this would be a really fun purse for summer!
  8. yes, it's patent. this style looks good with it though, i think.
  9. Love the colors. If you like it then go for it!
  10. I like the look of it. It just looks to small and narrow to be of use to me. If you don't carry that much, it would be a great bag. It's definitely unique and won't see it being carried around by everyone.
  11. Yah I was picturing it with some summer outfits. I really like the color combination but am not sure if it's too flashy. I also haven't seen it in person yet.

    Thanks for all the responses!
  12. [​IMG]

    Smallish, but isn't that nice for summer?
  13. I love the bag but I'm not a big fan of the chain for some reason.
  14. okay - now ive seen it 'on' ive changed my mind ... its cute, do it!!
  15. I like it a lot. Love the color combo for summer. I also like the 1 chain strap. Stays on the shoulder easy....