What do you guys think of this juicy?

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Should I get this Juicy wallet?

  1. Yes! It's cute and you can wear it with pride @ 23

  2. No - I hate the wallet

  3. No - I like the wallet but you're too old for it

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  1. So...Since I can't really justify spending $400-600 on a MJ or LV wallet I'm thinking this might hold me over for now since it was only $67...

    What do you guys think? I just recently turned 23 so I don't know, am I too old for juicy?



  2. The style is cute. Not sure I like the "dream' of juicy" thing but it's still kind of cute. You're young enough and if you like it, get it. It's a great price and I love the style of it.
  3. it was really cute but sadly i defiently cant afford it, i am poor for the moment, but i dont think you could get old for that, not in your age anyway, i am 18 and i want it :p
  4. I feel bad now because I voted for the second option. :s
    I don't hate the wallet, I'm just not crazy about the "Dreamin' of Juicy" thing.
  5. sorry... i voted for hate the wallet!!! i really arent into it, i think its a bit "out there" but it depends on your style, it might really suit you.
    plus for the price its such a bargain that you can use it for a season then toss it.
  6. lol it's ok u guys, no need to apologize. We all have different styles & tastes and we're all entitled to our opinions :smile:
  7. Very cute! price is reasonable and you're not too old at all. Go for it!!:heart:
  8. don't hate it, just not feeling it.
  9. I would prefer a zip around or "organizer" type of wallet, the one that just opens and doesn't unfold completely.

    As far as juicy goes, I have some of the velour/terry tracksuit stuff and I used to have a pair of sunglasses that I sold recently. I'm not the biggest juicy fan, but they do have some cute stuff that I would get from them...

    Thanks for the suggestions from ebags. The pink one is adorable. But I think i'm a bit more of a brand w...e :smile:
  10. ITA:yes:
  11. I don't think you are too old for it at all - I just personally don't prefer stuff with logos all over it or loud logos like that.

    But if YOU love it, then I say go for it! :smile:
  12. Well, another option is maybe grabbing a small Coach wallet ($168), Coach Wristlet ($50), or Coach Skinny ($39) Those are some great options! They look classy too!
  13. I don't mind it, but I wouldn't choose it for myself. I think it's too young for me (i'm 25)
  14. I agree w/ others that it's a little too out there esp w/ the words dreamin' of juicy. maybe if the words weren't there, it would be a fine.