What do you guys think of this IF Hobo

  1. Saks has it on sale...I don't own or have ever been into "metallics" but I think this one is pretty. Do you guys think it's shape is classic enough to last a couple years....the description says bronze, but it looks more gold to me..speak on it ladies!

  2. Wow, I've never seen this style. I like it! It looks more gold/yellow on my PC but it may just be my monitor. There is still alot of metallic around. I just bought a Dusty Gold Botkier and I don't care if it goes out of style or not. If I like it then it's okay.
  3. Looks gold to me too but I like it coz it doesn't have too many zippers, too many studs, too many buckles, etc.

    If it's a GREAT deal, go for it!
  4. i like it !!!
  5. I wanted to get a metallic bag a while back but I worry about how long the metallics will be in play.
  6. Note that Isabella bags are VERY heavy. I LOVE my Audrey and Quilty Pleasures bags, but my shoulders always ache after I use them. I'm used to heavy bags, so this is atypical for me. I've seen that shape in embroidery (don't remember the name), and it weighed even more. The pic above just looks heavy as well.

    As for the color, I had opened a thread in Gucci about the staying power of bronze a couple of days ago. The consensus is that bronze will always be in. The lifetime of bright gold may be limited, but it seems like you'll have a bit longer with this bag. It really depends on how bright it is and, of course, how heavy.

    Isabellas never fail to receive complements, so enjoy it if you choose to get it!
  7. That's pretty tame for IF! And metallics are supposed to be in for fall, again (of course every magazine says something different). I think you could carry that for a while...it's not terribly trendy.
  8. Gosh, I'm still undecided...I just wish I could see it IRL before I buy it. I hate going through the whole return shipment process. If it's more like a bronzy gold, that would be good, but a yellow-y gold...I don't know...

    Does anyone own it, or know someone who does?
  9. i think the color is lovely, a lot are saying that metallic bags have become staple colors as long as they are not the foil-y discoteque-y kind (i.e. metallic pink, green, blue, aluminum foil silver, copper and too yellow gold). IMO this one is a cross-over between gold and bronze and will def give an oomph to any outfit.:smile: id say go for it! just dont wear it with a peasant skirt, thick metallic belt with metallic sandals..
  10. btw, you will see that major fashion houses are still coming up with luxe metallic lines.. LV has the miroir, Dior has the metallic gaucho that just came up among others.

    btw champagne or brassy gold would also be nice headturner bags! :smile:
  11. I actually ordered this bag from Saks.com before the latest markdown, and although I liked it, it's very big and the shoulder strap is very wide and stiff. The bag is also heavy, due mostly to the two large metal rings in the strap. These aren't necessarily bad things, but I ended up returning it. I'm on the short side and it looked overly large on me, but a coworker who is almost six feet tall tried it on and it looked fantastic on her.
  12. thanks guys for your responses..

    pixiedust82..you've got me dying over here, I'm definitely not into that whole peasant thing...

    markita...although I'm not very tall, I'm on the plus side so I tend to go for bigger bags, so I'm not worried about the size, but the way you describe the stap concerns me...do you think the leather would soften up with time? And also, how was the color, would you say closer to bronze, or closer to yellowish gold?
  13. In answer to your question, I don't really think the strap part of the bag will soften much in time because of its construction. It's made out of a wide strap, and then a thinner strap on top of that, and both of them are stiff. The shape you see in the picture is the shape the strap retains on its own. On the positive side, it feels good and solid on the shoulder.

    The color is less yellow-gold than the picture on my computer, but it's not a reddish bronze at all. It's more of a cool gold color, which I know makes no sense, but it's hard to describe a color. I thought the color was more of a neutral gold shade, not flashy or gaudy at all.

    I thought the bag looked even better IRL than on the computer. The two zipper pockets actually have leather tassle pulls on the side not shown in the photo. I think it's a great buy, especially since the second markdown. For what it's worth, Saks makes the return process easy. They include a prepaid return mailing label so you can just tape up the box, stick on the label and send it back at the post office, and $5 is deducted from your refund to pay for the return shipping. Easier and cheaper than shipping it back UPS for me.
  14. Thank you so much, I think I'm going to order it today...I'll post pics.
  15. I think I may be looking into getting this bag. I have 5 IF bags. They are more of the sedate variety. No flowers, pirates, skulls, Hearts, etc. I like the basic leather bags. I thought I may be at the end of the line with IF because of the new stuff is on the wild side. This bag would fit my tastes well. And I am a sucker for metallic anything.
    Anyone know an approximate shipping for the Saks site?