What do you guys think of this combo?

  1. Im looking for the ultimate travel combo. One that is totally me and that will go with many outfits.

    I've decided on a Steel Weekender with Magenta SGH Traveller!!! I love grey and pink together, they are too super hot colours together imo. Now I just need to get some cash together to buy this.

    What do you guys think? Good Choice or bad?
  2. I love that color combo!!! Great choices! Post pics when you have them!
  3. Sounds great....!
  4. Great color combo,great style!
  5. I LOVE grey and pink together. I have a grey, red, and pink LV scarf on my bg work now!! can't wait to see pics!!
  6. yes, a very cool color combo! :tup:
    You should absolutley go for it ^_^
  7. Definitely sounds TDF!!! I don't even know what the Traveller looks like but the colors sound amazing together.
  8. Well....looks like one half of the equation has been taken care of!!

    Below is a pic of the Steel Weekender being sent to me from BalNY. Im getting this instead of a replacement Black Work for my one that faded. They're not getting any 08 Black Works in and I just dont want to risk getting another 07 Black Work in the event it may turn green again :throwup:

    Here she is! I'll post better pics when I get it
  9. I love greys and pinks together as well! i think it'll be a TDF combo! go for it! and dont forget to keep us posted! the WE looks TDF too!
  10. :tup: That is gonna be a gorgeous combo!! Good thinking!
    Can't wait to see pics when you get both!
  11. love the combo! :tup:
  12. Wow, the color combo sounds perfect! I can already picture them together in my head! :yes:
  13. Great choices. I say go for it!
  14. Lovely combo, the magenta will provide a beautiful pop of colour!!! Cant wait to see pics when its out!