what do you guys think of this chanel?

  1. I like it...:yes:...nice colir, nice style :yes:

    It's cute...:love:

    Price? Oooh, I'm not yet "in" considering chanel prices...sorry :shame:
  2. please post this in the authenticate thread before you buy. there is no hologram pic or card pic and this seller has been mentioned before. see what others have to say.
  3. I think the charms on the bag are hideous. The color is "ok." Reminds me slightly of the color of most ugly prom dresses.
  4. I would ask for a clearer pic of the "CHANEL PARIS" metal piece under the flap. I couldnt tell if the screws were right. Like others have said, post this in the Authenticate this Chanel thread. Michele & Smooth can help you with this.

  5. ouch.. that was harsh.. :nuts::nuts:
  6. I have bought from this seller once and the bottom line is never again. The bag was in a worse condition than described and it wasnt a very satisfying experience. But thats just my opinion. :s
  7. lol, looking back...that does seem harsh, eh? I'm just a blunt person.